Multiple EU Retailers List Intel 11th Gen CPU Prices: 11900K, 11400 Cheaper than their Predecessors

Multiple retailers have listed the pricing of Intel’s upcoming 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S lineup, with most of the newer processors priced roughly the same as their predecessors. There are, of course, a few exceptions. For example, the Core i9-11900K, on account of being an eight-core part is cheaper than its 10-core predecessor, the Core i9-10900K. There’s a delta of roughly 50-75 Euros between the two flagships depending on which store you check. Suffice to say, this means that the 11900K (~$500) will likely be a fair bit cheaper than both the Ryzen 7 5800X as well as the Core i9-10900K

Moving down the ladder, as you might have already noticed, the Core i7-11700K is slightly pricier than the 10700K. However, the delta is pretty small (20-30 Euros) and the final MSRP will likely be the same (~$399). The fact that the 10700 and 11700 are within 10 bucks of one another makes this assumption more certain.

The Core i6-11600K which is expected to be the most popular chip among gamers is also priced more or less the same as the 10600K at around $250-300. The Core i5-11400 series appears to be cheaper than their 10th Gen brethren.

Finally, we have the Core i3 based chips which are a refresh of Comet Lake-S, basically the same chips with some tweaks here and there. Unsurprisingly, the prices of the newer 11th Gen Core i3s are more or less the same as their existing 10th Gen predecessors. (Ambien)

All in all, it looks like Intel is going to be pretty aggressive with the pricing of its next-gen mainstream desktop lineup. This is good news for consumers as AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPUs are mostly being sold at a premium, making them a hard buy.


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