Inno3D Claims its RTX 3080s don’t Suffer from Crashes

In a statement, NVIDIA board partner Inno3D has claimed that its GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards don’t suffer from crashes and instability issues as many AIB partners. The statement says that none of the iChill GeForce RTX 30 series products have instability problems.

However, as per chatter on the retail channel, many batches of RTX 3080 graphics cards have been recalled for further testing and stability testing, Inno3D included. While this doesn’t mean that the vendor’s cards are affected, it does mean that Inno’s isn’t too confident about it.

Meanwhile, MSI has slyly changed the capacitor design of its Gaming X Trio graphics card (via VCZ). Although this looks to be a photoshop, it’s unclear whether the future batches will stick to the older design or leverage this one. Instead of five POSCAPs and one MLCCs, it now has four POSCAPs and two MLCCs. You can read more about that here.


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