Initial Coin Offering (ICO): What are the ICO Marketing Strategies and What Are Its Types?

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are considered one of several by-products of cryptocurrencies. Businesses are turning to alternative sources of capital for the opposite of all classical channels like banks and venture capitalists. This includes “selling tokens you wish to offer your business with intrinsic value. This means that there are some units of cryptocurrency such as regular firm IPOs to be done through this. Some investors certainly expect the token’s value to increase in the short term, with some solid and legitimate business ideas describing the ICO in a white paper by its issuers. It may be fraudulent by some unscrupulous actors; with whose activities this can often happen. In this, you will need to uncover in advance the signs of illegal fundraising. With this paper, we can explore how statistical approaches can be employed. ICOs have certain characteristics that are considered to be among the most important in fraudulent practices.

Initial coin offerings with some entrepreneurial companies will be an innovative way to get publicized funding. It is a new technology called blockchain, on which it can only base its business projects on. Currently, over 1,800 cryptocurrencies have been created, but not all of them are successful currencies. Because some do not have significant effect characteristics. The “token” can easily be issued by participating in crowd-funding in the ICO company. This means that instead of flat cryptocurrency, the unit of the chosen cryptocurrency is included. You can visit this platform profit-bitcoin.org to make your bitcoin trading journey more profitable.

What is Initial Coin (ICO)?

Initial coin offerings have become a type of activity to raise capital from the blockchain environment through cryptocurrency. ICO is also seen as another form of an initial public offering with which cryptocurrencies can be used. This is not an accurate comparison at all, as some fundraising activities have seen significant differences between them. ICOs are mainly used for startups so that you can raise capital.

What are the ICO marketing strategies?

So, instead of becoming an investor, you want to get an investor for your cryptocurrency-based startups, don’t worry! We had bought you some useful ICO marketing strategies which could help you;

  • Make sure that you have selected the specific platform for your ICO advertisement and you have been keeping transparency about your ICO.
  • Also, before launching your ICO, validate it under the verified ICO listing databases.
  • Fix the price of your digital token and distribution ratio and feed all the required information on your website.

Types of Initial Coin Offerings

By using ICO, you can get some benefits, if you want to raise capital from middlemen, then its process is removed so that there can be a direct relationship between the investor and the company. The two types of initial coin offering are listed below:

  • Public ICOs

The general public is targeted with public initial coin offerings, as well as another form of crowdfunding. Public offerings have become a democratic form of investing, as an investor can engage with it. With regulatory concerns, private ICOs have become a viable alternative to a public offering. Blockchain technology was used in the rise of cryptocurrencies, as well as further fueling the popularity of ICOs. A few years ago, more than $6 billion was raised to use the ICO, and this figure doubled shortly thereafter. The ICO is considered the largest instant messaging provider, as it can be performed via Telegram.

  • Private ICO

A limited number of investors may be involved with private initial coin offerings. Investors are accredited so that they can participate in private ICOs. The minimum investment amount with the company is chosen to be fixed.

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