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The Importance of a Good Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

PC gaming is an exciting hobby for enthusiasts as the capabilities and upgrades you can choose while you grow and adapt as a gamer are phenomenal. One of the primary peripherals used in this space includes a trusty keyboard and mouse.

For over 15 years, AWD-IT has monitored the growth and development of gaming peripherals, and how gaming keyboards and mice have improved over the years, but why exactly are they so important?

Your keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices of your gaming PC, and choosing the wrong one can adversely affect your overall gaming experience. When it comes to your gaming setup, you need your gaming keyboard and mouse to be high on your priority list, as they contribute to the effectiveness of your gameplay. Playing a game like a pro is now like fishing for a shark. But, online tools like spacebar clicker can help you improve your gaming skills.

Choosing the Right Keyboard

Picking the right keyboard doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, going through the range of available types, layouts and designs is actually quite an educating experience. With gaming, mechanical keyboards are the go-to option, as they’re durable and faster, nowadays available across various price ranges.

Gaming keyboards are important as the keys are one of the main contributors to your reflexes in online games. You need to choose the key type, the keyboard layout as well as the size and connectivity of the keyboard. Wired keyboards generally have better latencies but restrict movement.

Choosing the Right Mouse

You may find that you have moved from using a console to a PC, and in this instance, you realize the sheer difference it brings in terms of the navigation of a controller compared to a mouse.

Most controllers’ sensitivity levels are affected by how sensitive the thumbsticks are to finger movement and this is then translated back to the screen. However, with a mouse, this is measured in DPI (Dots Per Inch) which measures the accuracy and speed of your cursor point on the screen, which means it works with your movements and you need to find the fit between these and the software sensitivity.

Similar to gaming keyboards, many gaming mice come with RGB lighting, so you need to decide if you would prefer a mouse with no distractions, or one with all the bells and whistles of an LED device.

You will also find that with certain gaming mice you will be provided with singular weights, so you can adapt to how heavy or light you would like your mouse to be, this is especially useful depending on what game you’re playing, as these can be swapped and changed for each one.

Some people may get confused when they see additional buttons on the side of their new gaming mouse. These are there for you to customize, so each one can be used for a specific action, binding them to an easily accessible key.

Inspiration For Your Setup

Currently, we find this trio of peripherals to offer the optimal experience:

  • Mouse: Razer Death Adder
  • Keyboard: Corsair K95
  • Mouse Mat: Asus ROG Limited Edition 10th Anniversary

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