HWiNFO Adds Early Support for Intel 14th Gen Arrow Lake-S CPUs

Hardware monitoring tool HWiNFO has added support for Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors. Fabbed on the Intel 20A (2nm) process node, these parts will leverage a chiplet architecture with Lion Cove “P” cores and Skymont “E” cores. The former will top out at 8, and the latter will have max out at 16. Arrow Lake will retain the LGA1851 socket set to be introduced later this year or early next.


In addition to preliminary support for the Arrow Lake-S CPUs, enhanced support for AMD’s Phoenix “Ryzen 7040U” lineup. Monitoring support for Corsair H100i Elite White and H150i Elite White is also included in the list. On the GPU side, NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 mobile is now recognized while adding limiting monitoring of Intel Arc GPUs without drivers installed.


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