Huawei’s Kunpeng CPU to Launch Soon: Reportedly beats the Intel Core i9-9900K in MT Apps

Sanctions and an effective ban on access to silicon manufacturers outside China would have seemed like a death low to telecom giant Huawei. However, it appears as if the Chinese company is doubling down on indigenous IP to stay afloat.

A recent report indicates that Huawei is set to ship its Yipeng desktops to business and Chinese government users, powered by the indigenous Kunpeng processor. The report claims that the Kunpeng offers better multi-threaded performance than the i9-9900K. However, this doesn’t tell us the whole story.

The Kunpeng is a 24-core CPU. Better multi-threaded performance than the i9-9900K would indicate IPC and single-core performance that are a fraction of what Coffee Lake is capable of. This is clearly not a component offering performance parity with modern hardware. (alprazolam)

Furthermore, the Yipeng ships with UOS and doesn’t allow users to install Windows. You wouldn’t want anyone breaking past the Great Firewall now, would you?

While the Kunpeng processor and Huawei’s Yipeng desktop likely have little to no impact on the international market, they’re a clear signal of how Huawei’s planning to handle it’s situation: by doubling down on the domestic marketing and focusing on building domestic IP that’s resilient to political backlash.



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