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How, where and at what price to sell your used car?

Regardless of the reason for which you decide to sell your used car, you should not let haste or carelessness cause you any problems such as forgetting the value of the vehicle or being defrauded by fraudulent dealers or businesses.

If you are wondering, “how can I sell my used car?” or want to find car removal for cash, in this article we will explain the main points that you should consider before handing over the keys to a third party.

How to sell my used car?

Before thinking about selling your used car, ask yourself, do I have a lot of urgency to sell it? If the answer is yes, the best thing you can do is carry out the process to sell your car at an agency like JunkcarsUS. The process is much faster, although you will receive a smaller amount for your vehicle.

If you are not in such a hurry, it is best that you consider the following points. The first thing is to check that your used car is in good condition, that it has passed the vehicle verification and that you have performed the corresponding services. In the same way, it is convenient that you pay any fine you have.

You should also repair the small faults of your car. A broken handle, a damaged cap or a burnt out light can significantly reduce

the value of your car. Because love is born of sight, you better spend a couple of hours cleaning your used car, that will give a better image to a potential buyer.

How to set the price of my car?

The best thing you can do to know what price to sell your car at is to know the used car market. That is, you can ask mechanics, resellers, listen to the first price proposals on a lot or people who are selling a similar car.

With all this information you can define a value parameter in which you can sell your used car. Always take into account asking for a little more than the real value of your car, so that you can negotiate with a possible buyer.

Sell ​​my car: agency, lot or private?

The next step will be to find potential buyers. There are three options to whom you can sell your car: an agency, an individual or a car lot. Each one has its pros and cons, which I will explain below.

Who pays more?

In general, we can tell you that you will get the best deal if you sell your used car to an individual. But selling your car this way will mean more effort on your part , finding the right buyer and going through the paperwork to sell it, as well as the greater risk of doing it all on your own.

By selling it in a lot, you can get a good price if you know how to negotiate and work hard to find the lot that gives you the best deal. In the case of selling your car in an agency like JunkcarsUS, it will be the fastest and safest way, although the cost may decrease if your car is one of the best-selling pre-owned in the USA. The value can increase even more if you plan to buy a new one in some agencies, since it will be taken as a down payment and it will only be necessary to get the best credit.

Sell ​​my car to a private person

First of all, to find a third party who wants to buy your car,

you will have to promote it. Some options are an advertisement in the press, on specialized sites, parking in a crowded place or placing “for sale” advertisements.

Ads in national newspapers or on websites can be the way to reach more people and get more potential buyers. Placing an ad on a specialized site can be much cheaper than in newspapers, there are even sites that are free and in great demand. Personally, we would recommend this option since most people search for car information on the Internet.

At the same time, you can put up “for sale” signs and park in a busy spot, like a mall parking lot. Always ask if you can do this, as your car could be towed.

How to deal with a potential buyer

To sell your used car to a private individual, you must make sure that it is a real buyer and not someone who is trying to defraud you or, worse yet, steal from you. To avoid this, follow these simple tips:

  • Whenever you go to an appointment with a buyer, make sure it is in a crowded place and in the company of a family member or friend.
  • Never offer test drives without you on board and make sure you lead the way.
  • Do not give information such as your address, work or hours.
  • Never show or deliver original documents of ownership before signing a purchase-sale contract. Always use copies.

For the purchase to be a complete success, try to have all the information about your car, to solve all the doubts of your buyer. And do not forget to highlight the virtues of the vehicle.

The two main points that determine the value of the car are the mileage and age, but also consider being aware of the condition of the engine, transmission, battery, body and tires. It’s a good idea to have your maintenance history handy. In addition to a pleasant conversation, answering all the questions that a buyer has about your car, can be the difference between selling it or not.

So, we looked at the most popular ways to sell old cars. You can choose any of them at your discretion. But still, we advise you to pay attention to working with the agency. If you look for a car removal for cash you need to sell your used car as quickly as possible, the best will be an agency. However, if you have enough time and skills, the best will be an individual, while if you know how to negotiate.

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