How Video Games Can Boost Your Creativity

Gaming is often associated with negative words. Most parents don’t consider it worthy of their children’s time. However, research suggests the opposite, and any EssayWritingService expert can prove it by their research using credible sources. If played in the right amounts, gaming can help boost your creativity and more.

How Creativity in Video Games Help You Do Better in Life

Gaming can help you learn better

Research suggests gaming in the classroom has several benefits. Also, there are plenty of pre-written essays for sale at EssayKitchen.net that suggest the same. These games can either be incorporated as an assessment strategy, learning or teaching tool, or a classroom motivator. Here are some benefits that it may offer:

  • It helps control competitiveness between peers.
  • It helps students become more motivated, pay attention and participate.
  • It works as a great brain workout by increasing mental cognition.
  • It can create a positive memory.
  • It can be a great alternative to worksheets. And a less stressful way for students to showcase their knowledge and comprehension.
  • It can increase memory.
  • It increases class cooperation.

Thereby, one cannot his/her shut eyes to the advantages of gaming in education. Educational games improve motor skills, encourage critical thinking, and promote social skills. Besides, they are pretty effective for learning educational skills such as coding, biology, and algebra. They not only educate young learners but also help college and university students. Therefore, incorporating creative video game ideas even outside your classroom is a great idea.

Gaming fuels your energy

Video games have many levels and challenges. Overcoming the challenges and going to the next level help you recharge your brain. This means you get more energy for the rest of your day. Recent research suggests that people who do something challenging feel more energetic. So, have you been looking for some activity to recharge yourself? Playing a game could be your best choice. So, choose the one that is challenging and intriguing to you. The more challenging it is, the more energetic you will be. Thus, challenging video games and dopamine are directly proportional. These challenging tasks boost the dopamine available in your brain. As a result, your willpower and motivation automatically increase.

Gaming helps you become a better leader

When you’re involved in challenging gaming, it helps you develop several social skills. So, have you wanted to become a leader, or you already are a leader? If so, the skills you develop while gaming can help you lead better. For instance, rather than hiding from the bad people, you better confront these people. Gaming helps you learn:

  • How to use your resources while being powerful and strong.
  • How to build a team and overcome challenges.
  • Most of the time, you need to confront issues head-on.
  • How to recruit allies.

This shows that some of the elements of gaming are exactly what you need to learn to do better as a leader. This gameful mindset is certainly pretty helpful when it comes to achieving real-life goals.

Gaming can help you rewire your brain

So, do video games help your brain? They certainly do. The dopamine level in the reward pathways of your brain increases when you beat a level. Beating a level gives you a feeling of reward. This feeling is what keeps you playing and achieving more. Jane McGonigal – an American author and a game designer – asserts that one should harness that feeling and implement it to something challenging in real life. She says, “dopamine is one of the most powerful drivers of the work ethic.” So, instead of playing the next level, you can do something challenging in real life when dopamine hits. This way, you can prime your brain to do things that can help you achieve more in life.

3 games that are best known for boosting creativity

Now that you know how helpful gaming can be, ensure you play the right games. Here are three creative video games that you can enjoy playing and improve your life skills:


Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Even if you haven’t played it, you’ve probably heard of it. It has a few rules and encourages the players to build. This is why it is considered to feel your creative side. Technically, it caters to three kinds of individuals:

  • Builder: one that sees the potential in something and builds it through colors.
  • Engineer or Redstoner: one who cannot build to save their life but can create contraptions or machines such as slot machine, Security Vault, or an automatic farm.
  • A combination of both Engineer and Builder: one who can do both.

All in all, Minecraft helps you experiment with things and be creative. Creating homogeneous structures will give you a chance to show your creative side.


This is a military science fiction real-time strategy game. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, it became the first one in the video game series. So, what is it about? In this strategy game, three unique and powerful races battle with each other across the galaxy to get dominance. There are different fighting units for each alien group. To win, they have to utilize different strategies. As a result, the player needs effective resource management to create effective units to win. Doing so will have you put on your thinking cap to make real-time strategies to impact your creativity level positively.

Animal Crossing

Have you been looking for a relaxing game? Animal Crossing is one of those. Playing Animal Crossing at any phase of your life cannot fail to entertain you. Developed and published by Nintendo, it is a social simulation video game. The player has to walk around the town to buy some household items. You are also allowed to visit other player’s cities or dig for treasure or fish. On completing your set tasks, your house will get bigger. The bigger the house, the more the chances of decorating it beautifully. Though it is a pretty circular process, there are plenty of variations that allow you to boost your creativity. So, create a home, interact with villagers and cute animals, and have fun creating a world of your own.

All in all, there is always a bad side as well as a positive side to everything. The same is the case with gaming. If you choose the right kind of games, they are sure to help you boost your social skills and creativity. As a result, you can become a better problem-solver.