How To Video Chat Between An Android Phone And A PC

The Сoronavirus pandemic has taught us to work remotely and communicate with our loved ones wherever they are. All you need is a computer with a headset and camera, a tablet, or a smartphone. With their help, you can make free video calls from PC to smartphone and vice versa. We have compiled a selection of video communication apps to help you stay in touch with your loved ones and optimize your work processes.

What Do You Need For Video Chat Between a PC and Smartphone?

First of all, you will need a camera. Modern Android phones have a front and main camera, allowing you to make video calls without being tied to a location, moving freely around the house or city. Laptops, too, have a built-in camera and allow you to be mobile while communicating.

Some models of modern displays already have a built-in webcam, but in other cases, you’ll need to buy a USB camera, install the drivers, and connect it to your PC. You also need to buy a headset for calls — it can be a microphone and headphones, or you can do with just a microphone and use the built-in speakers.

A stable Internet connection is something without which video chats are impossible. First, you need it to download a special app to make free video calls. Second, you can’t make a chat without the Internet. Video calls are made through VoIP technology, where your video message is transmitted as a data packet to the recipient in real time. Roughly speaking, if during an old-school phone call your voice reached the other party over the wires, video calls transmit your image and voice over an Internet connection. For Android phone calls, you can use a 4G or 5G mobile connection or Wi-Fi.

The app is the last and key component of a video call between a PC and a smartphone. You and your conversation partner must use the same software to make video chats.

App For Video Chats Between PCs and Android Phones

The choice of software depends on your personal preferences and the functionality you need. We have made a selection that has applications for all tastes.


Before Zoom, Skype, owned by Microsoft, was the first software that would associate with video calling. In order to make a call, you and your conversation partner must download and install Skype on your devices. You must register as a user, and voila, you’re ready for free video calls! Skype allows you to make group video chats with up to 10 people, exchange messages and files, and share your screen. The app is absolutely free, and the basic features are enough for personal use.


Zoom has become a key player in the video calling app market in 2019. It is a tool for digital communication, which allows up to 100 people to participate in a conversation simultaneously. The app offers a paid version with advanced functionality, but the free version will be enough to communicate with loved ones. Zoom is also a great option for business meetings and communication with colleagues. With its help, companies can hold large online training events and conferences. In the app, you can share a screen, change the background, take a poll, and record a call.


This cloud-based video calling service is an excellent choice for personal and business use. It is cross-platformed, and you can call and receive calls from any device. A free online call from PC to mobile by Whoosh differs from others due to its diverse features. The AI-powered app can make a brief after each talk and gathers mementos (the most significant moments of your calls), and a touch-up feature makes sure you are always ready to take that call. A weatherman layout and 3D backgrounds can turn your chat into an unforgettable experience and bring your business meetings to the next level. Whoosh is also a perfect match for conferences and webinars as it has audio splitting and noise reduction. 

Google Meet

Every Android phone user has Google email, making this service for video calls one of the most convenient and easy for its customers. You can create a call link right in your Gmail app, and you don’t even need to download any software to make a call from your computer. The app integrates with almost all Google services and makes communication even easier. The free version is enough for personal use, and there are custom offers for businesses.


Facebook has over 2.91 billion active users, and you’ve probably used its Messenger to chat with family and friends. This app can be a great tool for making calls from Android to PC. You don’t even need to install the app on your computer — just go to the website. This option is definitely ideal for personal use.

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