How To Recover Deleted Drivers On Windows 10

How to recover deleted drivers is becoming a pervasive question among Windows computer users. This could be a result of the increasing chances of losing data. Any form of data loss is a gross occurrence that will not do you any good. That is why you must be wary of approaching data loss and understand how to troubleshoot and return to safe grounds.

There are currently many tools that pretend to understand the process and will help you recover deleted drivers on Windows 10. This comes after the increasing inquiries about this subject matter, with many confused users who have lost drivers and many forms of data. 

But do not fret because we’ve got you covered. It needs to answer the question better, only to understand that you can undelete files on Windows 10. You will become more c10 if you fully understand the process and how to stop data loss and recover deleted drivers. 

What Happens To Deleted Drivers In Windows 10?

Perhaps people are more worried about losing their PC than losing data! If anyone sees the potential of losing a computer driver through accidental deletion or willing removal, it first sends ripples of fear over what could happen to the PC. 

The good news, only some drivers in your Windows 10 computer will put your PC down. It, therefore, depends on the type of driver that you deleted from your PC. 

Like unwanted data, users tend to delete unwanted drivers to create more space for others. If you have a dormant driver that is never used, it will not be essential to keep it on your PC. Deleting such a driver, therefore, has no impact on your computer. 

It will, however, be a very different case if you accidentally delete critical drivers while deleting unnecessary ones. What makes it worse is that you will have deleted the program data in the process and may need to get them back immediately quickly. 

This is to say that the drivers will not be permanently deleted from your hard drive but will be temporarily marked as unavailable until the new driver program overwrites their location. 

Can I Recover Deleted Drivers In Windows 10? How?

Whether you can recover deleted Windows 10 drivers, the answer is Yes. If you think this is not real, we will take you through some of the proven ways to recover deleted drivers in Windows 10. Read on to find out more. 

Method 1: Recover Deleted Drivers On Windows 10 With Third-Party Software

The third is one of the best data recovery apps and is the most effective method for recovering deleted drivers on Windows 10 PCs and other devices. With data recovery software, you should be sure to recover all the deleted drivers with zero corruption. This is even more seamless if you use professional-grade data recovery software such as Disk Drill for Windows 10. 

It is, therefore, important to check your software preferences. You need to choose the best data recovery software to make it easier and more efficient to recover deleted drivers.

If you want to try this method, you must begin by downloading and installing Disk Drill software on your PC. Once the software is installed, launch it and initiate a system scan. Make sure you choose the disk partition where you deleted the drivers. 

Wait for the scanning process to end for the software to display a list of drivers found by the search. You should be able to see the drivers you deleted in the preview list. You can also use the filter or search feature to locate your drivers quickly. 

Once you have found the drivers, select them and choose a new location to send them. Click on “Recover” to begin the recovery process. This will send the deleted drivers to your preferred location. 

Method 2: Recover Deleted Drivers In Device Manager

This is the second method to try to recover your deleted drivers in Windows 10. Here’s the process.

You will need to begin by pressing the “Windows” and “X” keys simultaneously to launch Device Manager. Once this is open, you will be required to open the device category.

Proceed to select your device from the device category and double-click on it. 

While still in the category, choose “Properties” and press the Roll Back Driver button. This command should recover your deleted drivers to the previously installed version. 

Remember, it is also possible to recover deleted files by reinstalling them on the Device manager. You will need to uninstall it from the Device Manager and reboot your Windows 10 computer to reinstall the drivers automatically. However, you can still try system restore if this does not work for your PC. 

Method 3: Recover Deleted Drivers With System Restore

Restoring deleted drivers on Windows 10 computers with a system backup is much easier.
This feature also helps you recover previous system settings in case your current settings are not conducive. The steps below will help you with this method. 

Step 1: Launch the “Start” menu and locate “Windows Settings.”

Step 2: Search for “Recovery” and tap “Recovery.”

Step 3: Run system restore and follow the prompts. 

Step 4: Choose the correct restore point, tap “Next,” and “Finish.”

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