How to Pick Great Gifts for Tech-Savvy People

Many of us know tech-savvy people that love gaming, PC builds, peripherals, or the latest gadgets. Tech gifts are a great option to mark their birthday, an anniversary, or the holidays. Yet many tech nerds can be very precise about the particular piece of kit or gadget they want or need which can be a challenge. Here we look at how to pick great gifts for the tech-savvy people in your life:

Active listening

Even if you do not share their passion for all things technical, simply asking them about their current project or interests is likely to bring some potential gift ideas to the surface. You may find ideas of gifts for her that will show that you listen and want to support their interests. For example, they may mention a person they admire which could lead to you gifting a biography of the individual.

Home comforts

If your tech-savvy person follows their interest at home, show your support with a gift that makes their environment as comfortable as possible.  This could be a gaming chair or other items that improve their setup whether that relates to shelving, storage, or lighting. If you are looking to find brilliant gaming chairs, you can also check an interesting buying guide on fabric gaming chairs. A state-of-the-art coffee machine that makes barista-level quality coffee or a small fridge to keep drinks cool when gaming with friends may also be appreciated.

Look for upgrades

Technology is advancing so fast that you can be sure there is an upgrade that would make a great gift. There are now sharper screens with more powerful head and room-scale tracking that takes gaming to a whole new level. You may have seen your techie spouse, friend, or family member point out a particular item online that they would like or overhear a conversation in which a specific piece of kit was mentioned. Make a note of this and surprise them with a gift they truly want.

Search out best sellers

Another way to choose a great gift for tech-savvy people is to check out the latest best sellers in their field of interest. Look for award-winners like The Last Of Us Part II, winner at the 2020 Game Awards, or look at sites like Amazon for bestsellers such as the Turtle Beach Recon 50X Gaming Headset which is the number one bestselling headphones with a 4.4 rating out of 5 from more than 60,000 ratings. You can double-check ratings with reviews by industry professionals to be sure you have a quality item that can be trusted. For gamers, source the latest games in their favorite genre that include the latest visual and audio technology they are sure to appreciate.

Be extravagant

Few people will buy themselves something if they cannot justify the cost to themselves. This is why luxury gifts are a popular option. For a gamer, consider gaming-specific headphones offering high-quality wireless audio and the comfort of a lambskin leather build. If you are looking for a high-budget item, gift an MSI GS66 with a 10th Gen Intel i9 processor, 32GB RAM, and Nvidia’s super-fast Ampere-powered 3080 mobile GPU that makes portable gaming sessions the best they could be.

Experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Search out an event or convention that fits with their interest and buy them two tickets for the occasion. If buying for your spouse or partner, choose a location that you both want to visit so you can have a city break together. This will show them that you want them to be happy, that you support their interests and want to spend some quality time with them.