How to make your bankroll last longer at the online casino 

iGaming continues to grow in popularity as new markets open up by legalizing online casinos and more people decide to try it and find out what all the fuss is about. The more it grows, the more revenue it generates and the higher the profile. The result? A whole lot of online chatter about online casino gaming, and plenty of it that is naïve at best and dangerous at worst.  

Let’s get something straight, anyone offering tips on guaranteed ways to beat the house and win money at the casino is either deluded or scamming. A casino is a business. You go there to have fun, and it has to cover its overheads and pay salaries like anyone else. 

The only logical casino strategy 

When you think about it that way, looking for a strategy to “beat the house” is a fool’s errand. Sure, you will do so sometimes, and that’s always good fun, but the casino will always win more than it loses, if it doesn’t, it will soon go bankrupt.  

We go to a casino, either physically or online, for entertainment. Like subscribing to Netflix or visiting a nightclub, it will cost money, that’s how the world works.  

The logical casino strategy is to get optimum use out of your bankroll, meaning the maximum playing time and the most games. If you hit the jackpot at some point and win some money, that’s just a bonus! 

Choose your bonuses with care 

There are many bonuses, but many do not bear up to scrutiny. A $200 bonus, for example, is unlikely to be worth anything tangible if a 60x wagering requirement is tied to it. Read the small print and also check the independent review sites. Right now, crypto casino games are well worth considering as these sites are offering some of the better bonus deals. 

Stick to live table games 

While there is a lot to love about slot games, it only takes one lean run, and they can burn through your bankroll in no time flat. Table games like blackjack and roulette are low volatility and take longer to play. Even in an online casino, you should play at a live table as each spin of the wheel or dealing of cards takes a little longer when it is done physically. And using up extra seconds contributes to making your bankroll last. 

Slow things down with trend betting 

You don’t have to play every hand. Trend betting is a fun play that helps your bankroll last. For example, suppose you choose to trend bet on red/black at roulette. (Xanax) You wait for a red/red or black/black sequence, then bet on the trend to continue. When you lose, sit back, wait for another trend to start, and repeat. You can also apply trend-betting principles to games like baccarat and craps – anything that has a wager with approximately even money odds.  

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