How To Make Money With Network Marketing

Most people tend to stay away from network marketing because of all the misunderstandings and myths about this type of business model. In reality, though, it’s one of the best ways to generate passive income when done properly.

This article shares the basis of network marketing and provides effective tips to help you make money in this business model.

Understanding Network Marketing

Network marketing is more commonly known as multi-level marketing (MLM). It requires you to build a network of salespeople or business partners to assist with lead generation and closing sales.

Businesses that follow a network marketing model create tiers of salespeople. These salespeople are also encouraged to find and recruit their own networks of salespeople. The creator of a new tier, also called upline, earns a commission on their sales as well as the sales made by the people in the tier they created, also known as downline. (easyagentpro.com)

Over time, a new tier can create another tier which contributes to more commission for the salesperson in the top tier and the middle tier. So, those who got in early and are in a higher tier make the most money.

Tips To Make Money And Become Successful With Network Marketing

It’s possible to make good money in a network marketing system. The key is to choose the right company at the right time and do well in selling. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Choose A Company Offering Products You’re Passionate About

Most people don’t pay enough attention to what a company is asking them to sell. They’re just too focused and caught up in the hype of getting huge income. That said, you can’t sell something or share a business if you’re not passionate about what you’re representing.

So, to ensure that you start right, do thorough research on a specific networking company you’re considering. In general, you’ll find numerous websites publishing comprehensive reviews of common MLM companies like Online Team Builders today. Go now to learn more about this specific network marketing business.

Always partner with a business that has a product or service that you get genuinely excited about. Also, make sure to always look into a company’s compensation plan before joining in to make sure it’s favorable to you.

2. Take Advantage Of Training And Tools

While you don’t need a background or degree in business to succeed as a sales agent of a network marketing company, you still need to know how to run your business to maximize your profit. And you can do that by taking advantage of any training or tools provided.

The best way to get the necessary skills to be successful is to pick the brain of the person who recruited you. Or you can also ask someone else who’s been in the company for years and found success.

You can ask detailed questions about their practices, request any tools and materials they can share, and guide you towards your own success. If the network marketing business is legit, then there should be at least someone willing to help you and genuinely interested in making you successful.

3. Be Ethical And Genuine

Perhaps one of the reasons why network marketing gets a bad rap is that most agents use hype and deception to get recruits. Don’t be that agent. It’ll only damage the reputation of your business and scare away people.

Always be honest in your dealings with potential recruits and clients. Don’t go over the top or make false or exaggerated claims. If you love the product you’re promoting, your enthusiasm will be enough to promote it and close a deal.

4. Be A Leader And Trainer

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The biggest reason why network marketing can help generate passive income is because of new business builders that bring in more sales and profit. Most people negatively see this as using others to make money. However, this is only true if your only goal is to get as many recruits as possible to do the hard work for you.

In contrast, if you see your role as a leader and trainer who helps in building and nurturing your recruits’ skills and knowledge, then you should think of it as a reward for helping others to succeed. So, just as how you took advantage of your mentor’s knowledge, passing what you’ve learned to your recruits can help them become better marketers and build both their success and yours.

5. Don’t Be Annoying

Nothing annoys people more than constantly hounding them to join or asking them to try your offers. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your offering and trying to recruit friends to your business. However, if they answered no, then you should learn to let it go. Being successful in network marketing means focusing more on the people who want what you offer.


The network marketing business model has been around for decades, and it’s not going to disappear soon. While network marketing may not be that simple, there’s no denying that it actually works with patience and hard work. To help you further, make sure to follow the tips outlined above to increase your success in the world of network marketing.

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