How To Improve Your Tracking Aim

Playing first-person shooter games for the first time can be incredibly rewarding or frustrating. Most fps game experiences depend on your ability to aim efficiently and accurately.

If you are into games like the Apex Legends, you will need to master the trick of aiming. If you can master this art for first-person shooter games, no wonder you can be the game-changer. With time playing fps games becomes easier and much more fulfilling. After all, nothing can ever beat the experience of dominating a first-person shooter.

Nothing feels worse than being destroyed every round and being forced to respawn at your own respawn point. So, what would be the best way to be game-changers and take part in competitive first-person shooter games?

Here in this write-up, we’ll tell how you can improve your tracking aim in fps games.

Tracking Aim

There are several tricks and tips when it comes to first-person shooter games. And tracking aim is one of the most important things in fps games. Tracking aim is when you have locked your target and wish to track them with your crosshair and try to predict their movement.

Tracking aim is important in first-person shooter games that require multiple shots to kill a target. This skill is very important in Halo, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, and Overwatch games. The longer the TTK, the more important it gets.

For instance, in games such as Valorant, tracking aim is pretty important. But it is not as critical as games that require TTK, such as Overwatch and Halo. Tracking aim plays a crucial role for every first-person shooter. If you master this, you will have numerous advantages in competitive fps games. You can master your tracking aim by practicing your aim on the official website of  Aimtrainer.

Furthermore, if you can learn to predict enemy movements, no wonder you can be the next head-hunter of your team!

How to Improve Tracking Aim?

If you wish to improve your tracking aim, here is what you need to do. 

First, you should discover your strengths and weaknesses and figure out issues with your present aiming techniques. You have to rectify all the poor aiming issues and overcome them to play the best. 

The best way to identify your aiming issues is through thorough practice and noting the shots you are missing, even though tracking aim takes a lot of time to master. 

You also need to analyze your playing style. The best way for you to analyze your game is by recording it, as you will notice things you didn’t notice the first time while taking that shot. 

When you identify the aspects that need work, you can drastically improve the aiming speed and train your aiming skills accordingly. 

Of course, what you need to commit is time. Be it anything you want to be better at; practice is everything. If you want to be like most professional gamers, you need to give it time and start practicing. 

And some things can help you get a quick performance boost as well. 

Invest in Computer Components

If you want to perform like those professional players you admire, you need to invest in getting some computer components. Components such as mouse and mouse pads play a huge role in getting your aim right.

Investing in components such as a light gaming mouse or mouse pads will boost your performance. When it comes to pads, always choose pads with a smooth surface; sticky mouse pads will slow mouse movements, resulting in poor mouse acceleration.

You can opt for a wired mouse but avoid older wireless mouse strictly, as they do not offer much adjustability. 

A proper setup is necessary if you plan to weigh in for competitive first-person shooter scenarios. These two components can enhance your gaming performance and all-over play style.

Start Practicing Using Aim Trainers

If you are looking forward to doing some tracking aim practice, the best option is to use aim trainers. Multiple aim trainers are available over the internet, such as Aim Lab, among the best free aim trainers for players globally. 

Begin training with an aim trainer; it will give you a first-person shooter experience. Using one of these will help you learn the fundamentals of fps games, such as body control, tracking aim, flick shots, developing a game plan or game sense, and aiming accurately. 

Aiming training activates muscle memory and helps you learn to aim better and faster. Within a month of aim training, you will witness a night and day difference in your tracking aim skills. 

Factors Affecting Your Aiming Skills

Most modern games are famous for their modern competitive gaming nature. And if you wish to push rank, you will have to be the head-hunter. 

Several factors affect your aiming skills. Starting from the way you grip your mouse or mouse grip to your mouse pad affects your gameplay. When playing a competitive game, it is best to master your finger control (click timing) and use either a claw grip or palm grip. 

Palm grips operate automatic weapons, while the claw grip only operates sniper rifles or semi-automatic rifles. 

Your aiming techniques’ accuracy also depends on the mouse dpi’s sensitivity. The best dpi range is from 400 to 800. You need to determine if you perform better with lower or high sensitivity. 


So you must have understood several factors that affect your tracking aim. And you can enhance it by playing games more, using a lightweight gaming mouse, altering game settings and its sensitivity settings, and if you complete challenges of the aim trainer. 

The practice remains constant. The more practice, the better the results. 

Good luck!

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