How to Choose a Laptop for Work

Laptops are becoming more and more powerful and are no longer inferior to desktop computers. A wide range of models allows you to choose the laptop ideal for your specific needs, whether it is creating music, betting on applications, downloading from https://20betapp.com/, or experimenting with Photoshop.

A laptop can easily replace a personal computer. In addition to the same performance, the laptop wins in mobility. (animalmedicalcenterinc.com) But in any case, the choice of this or that model should always be based on specific parameters: battery capacity, size, performance, weight, screen size, etc.

The choice should be based on specific purposes: gaming, home, work, study, etc. As for the last two criteria, we are often talking about quite economical models. Therefore, the potential buyer will have to sacrifice some characteristics, most often processor power and video card performance.

The Main Parameters of the Choice

All laptops can be divided into categories, based on the type of tasks for which they must fit:

  • with good battery life (optimal for long and long trips);
  • for simple tasks (meaning working with office programs, viewing mail and simple browsing, social networking);
  • powerful gaming laptops (no difference in performance from desktop PCs);
  • for travel (lightweight and compact for easy transportation).

Do not forget about the other, an important factor in the selection – the price category. The laptop should be affordable to the potential buyer. The cost will depend on the category of a notebook because the simple model for office tasks will be much lower than the productive gaming notebook.

The Everyday Model

When the notebook is not just needed to check your mail, but as a constant and daily assistant, with which you can quickly connect to the Internet at any time and any place, then large and cumbersome models should be excluded immediately. In this case, it is best to pick up a laptop based on the following parameters:

  • A bare-minimum of 4 GB of RAM for stable networking and video playback in good quality without “slowness”.
  • A 4-core processor with a boost frequency of at least 3.5+ GHz will be able to easily serve the “workhorse” every day.
  • To save a little on cost, you can choose models with a small hard drive capacity. In any case, cloud services can save a sufficient amount of information. However, we do recommend getting one with an SSD. Makes a big difference.
  • At the same time, be sure to check the generation of the processors. While the model numbers stay the same, the difference between, say the 7th and 9th generation of Intel processors will be rather substantial.
  • At the moment, Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs and AMD’s 4th Gen processors are the newest on the block. Generally, choosing the latest processors also ensures that you are getting the latest GPUs, displays and other accompanying hardware.
  • HD webcam – will not be mandatory, but rather a desirable criterion, thanks to which it will be possible not only to communicate with relatives but also to solve questions about work in real-time.

A Laptop for Frequent Travel

For people who are often on the road, it is important to have completely different parameters than for home PCs. Among the main characteristics, it is worth noting the following:

  • Relatively small size, which should allow you to work not only on the road but also literally on the go.
  • 12-13 inches is enough, so it does not take up much space, but on the screen, you can distinguish the necessary information.
  • As for the hard drive, choose its volume based on the tasks that the laptop should perform. If the work will be done exclusively with documents, then it will be enough to settle for 500 GB. For graphic tasks, it is best to choose models a total capacity of close to 1,000 GB.
  • Work or training laptops, perfectly cope with their goals and with 8 GB on board. This is quite enough for average games (also need a dGPU) or video streaming, but if there is such a possibility, it is better to go with 16GB GB of RAM.


After all, the modern market can offer a huge number of different options for models that meet specific requirements. Each user can optimally combine in a laptop, not only the necessary parameters but also at a reasonable cost. Many manufacturers regularly delight you with new models that combine lightness, compactness, and performance.

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