How to Choose a Crypto Trading Platform and Open Your Account

With more and more countries considering regulating and allowing cryptocurrencies, the time is ripe to start trading in them. And one of the first things you need to start crypto trading is a platform that takes care of your trading needs and makes things easier for you. Now, with the right trading platform, everything can run a lot smoother than before. So, here is a brief guide on choosing a trading platform and opening your account on it.

How to open your account at a crypto trading platform

It is pretty easy and simple to open an account at a well-reputed platform like Crypto Genius. Here is a general overview of the three steps to follow to open your account:

Signing up or registration:

You will find the application form on the homepage of your chosen platform. Usually, it is a simple application form that needs only the basic details. Submit that form to get your account approved instantly. The top platforms do not charge you anything to open the account or have any hidden costs or fees.

Choose a broker to open the trading account:

Since you are ready to trade in cryptos, you will have to rely on a broker to get started. As you have already registered, be assured that the platform will arrange that for you. Next, you need to fund your account with the minimum amount as stated on the platform. You are almost ready to start trading.

Earning profits by activating the software:

The software will have trading parameters that you can adjust as per your risk tolerance, trading preferences, and profit goals. After this, you will have to activate the software by hitting the ‘Auto Trade’ option. And that’s it!

How to choose the right platform for crypto trading

There are a couple of important features to consider when selecting such a platform, and they are:

The commission or price charged:

The top platforms these days do not charge anything to open your account and take a minimal account to help you start trading. So, the charges are the first thing you check.

The ease of using:

You are basically using a platform to make things easy for you. Thus, if a platform comes with a steep learning curve, you would be inclined to move on to another option.

The safety and security factors:

Look at the details of safety and security mentioned on the platform. Does it have encryptions and authentications?

The customer services

Any service worth it’s salt will offer 24/7 customer service via chat, call, or emails. So, there is no reason for you to settle for anything less than that.

The market reputation

Finally, check and look around to see what others are saying about your chosen platform. Does it have rave reviews from all or most of its users?

The endnote

Since you have made up your mind about crypto trading, go ahead and open your account on a top platform. You will be amazed at how easy trading becomes after this.