How to Build Your Gaming PC – Best Hardware in 2021

Building your own gaming PC is a really nice way to customize your device for the things you’ll use it. In other words, if you are a graphic designer, video editor, or just a person who wants to play the newest games, you can build a PC best suited for your needs.


The CPU is easily one of the most important components of your computer and the goal is to the fastest chip possible without breaking the bank. As you probably already know, buying an ultra-fast CPU is a bit costly. As if you were betting on the horse races today, you need to do your research, so you don’t bet on the wrong horse!

When it comes to the best CPU on the market, AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900X is the fastest chip on the market but we’d suggest going with the Ryzen 7 5800X or perhaps Intel’s Core i9-10850K as they’re much more affordable and cost much less.


Your motherboard is also crucial since it’s the foundation of your system and will limit the number and kind of components you can use. Additionally, the motherboard you have can limit your upgrade options in the future. For an AMD system, the MSI MAG X570/B550 Tomahawk are two well-balanced options while a Z490 from the same lineup should work well for the Core i9-10850K as well. These should cost you under $300 which is pretty neat.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is easily the most important component if you’re looking to build a gaming CPU. If you really want the best of the best, our recommendation is the GeForce RTX 3080. It features 10GB of GDDR6X memory, 8704 FP32 cores and a massive memory bandwidth of 760GB/s.

It costs $699, but considering the present shortage of CPUs and GPUs, you’ll likely have to pay at least $800 to get your hands on one.


The memory or RAM is also important if you’re building a high-end PC, and going with a cheap kit can limit your performance in certain games and memory-hungry applications. The G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB (16x 2) kit is one of the best kits on the market and won’t cost more than your motherboard.


These days, having an SSD in your system is a must. It drastically cuts load times and the general responsiveness of your system. If you can’t afford a 1TB drive, going with a 512GB variant isn’t a bad idea. Sabrent’s 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD, although slightly pricy is one of the best products on the market.


Although you need a cabinet, a pair of headphones and speaker and peripherals to run your brand new computer, as far as the core hardware is concerned, this about covers it. You can read our explainer on mechanical keyboards if you’re having doubts over your selection.

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