How Powerful A Processor Does Your Computer Need?

Buying a computer in the ‘90s and 2000s was a very different experience from buying one today. Nearly everyone took their time with it. They looked at the specifications until they were blue in the face, comparing one computer to another. In today’s world, most people are more concerned about the maker of the computer. Apple has had a big part to play in the simplification of our approach to technology.

Unfortunately, this leaves many unprepared to make decisions about processing power in 2021. While a standard Macbook Pro might suit most people, once you start doing specialized work, the specifications begin to matter again.

So what processing power does your computer need? Can you do basic web design with a low-powered processor? After all, website builders like Wix make the process streamlined, providing powerful tools that don’t require experience or specialist software. Is it different if you are trying to code a website yourself? What of other processes?

Let’s take a look at how powerful a processor your computer needs for various tasks.

Web Design

When it comes to coding a website, you don’t need a powerful processor at all. This is because coding is technically a process of editing text files. If you are adept at coding, you know that the hard work is not in the coding process itself. It is in running the program that you need processing power. And since you’re designing a website, the processing power you need is pretty standard.

Using a website builder to design a website actually takes more processing power. Website builders offer complex tools to provide a seamless drag and drop experience. A computer with low processing power may lag somewhat when working on website building.

That said, most new computers will have enough processing power for this task. Only computers that are particularly low-powered or are a few years old may struggle.


Gaming is where processing power becomes particularly important. Even for casual gamers, low processing power may not provide the seamless experience necessary. This is especially true when you are playing multiplayer games online and cannot afford for your processor to lag.

How much processing power is necessary? That really depends on the games you are playing. Multicore computers with high clock speeds are ideal. Of course, the better the processor, the more expensive the computer. A hex-core processor from Intel or AMD’s latest offerings with a clock speed of 3.5 to 4 GHz hits the sweet spot.

The cost of a high-powered processor specifically for gaming is what leads casual gamers to buy consoles instead. A gaming console gives you all the power necessary to play games without you having to make difficult choices.

The simplification of hardware

Again, this reflects on the simplification of hardware that we have seen over the past decade or so. One of the starkest differences between older millennials and Gen-Z is that the former is able to troubleshoot when it comes to tech. When something goes wrong, their instinct is not to immediately ask for help.

The advent of the iPhone was one of the biggest game-changers in this sense. Instead of having a device that you could customize and take apart if necessary, you had what Apple had given you. There were few choices to make and if something went wrong, you had few options other than to go to the manufacturer.

Samsung and other Android devices claim to provide more flexibility and sell this as one of their big advantages. However, this flexibility comes at a very superficial level. You are still mostly stuck with what the manufacturer has given you.

Everything works as it should, and you don’t have to think about it.

All of this is why few people consider processing power in 2021 when buying a new computer. It is far easier to simply browse the different options offered by Apple and other manufacturers and choose the one which best suits your needs without really knowing anything about how it works.

Do I need to care about processing power?

If you are not doing any specialized work on a computer, you don’t technically need to care much about processing power. You can rely on what is provided by any one of the excellent manufacturers.

That said, it is worthwhile taking a more active interest in how your computer works. This will help you make the best decisions going forward, as well as giving you the chance to troubleshoot rather than being stuck when something goes wrong.

When it comes to coding, processing power is not a major factor. After all, you are mostly editing text files. Still, the most responsible coder knows all about the hardware, as well as with the insight into how their programs will function.

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