How Important is a Comfortable Computer Set-Up?

Experts suggest that one of the major issues that will affect future generations will be injuries caused by an inferior desk set-up. Spending eight hours a day working at a computer and then using it for leisure could potentially put a strain on your back, neck, hands, and eyes. But just how important is a good computer set-up for the future of entertainment and work?

The first step to creating the optimal computer setup is making sure you have a chair that supports your back. People spend roughly 13 years of their lives sitting at their desks for work alone, which means any extra time is going to put a strain on your back. A chair designed for this, such as a gaming chair, will limit the back strain and will promote better circulation. Even with an ergonomic chair, it is advised to move around every 30-45 minutes.

Ergonomics is used a lot when it comes to computer peripherals, including a keyboard and mouse. A vertical mouse helps prevent repetitive strain injuries by avoiding clicking in the same manner over and over again. A raised keyboard with a divider in the center helps ensure you use the correct fingers for typing. Repetitive use of the wrong typing fingers means you are more at risk from arthritis and other RSIs.

One of the main reasons for a strong computer set-up is because what we can engage with on our desktops is growing. Many of our leisure activities are based on the computer. Some people consume their content at their desks, play games, and communicate with friends. The rise of video conferencing is often done via our computers, so people are spending more time than ever in unoptimized set-ups.

Even more traditional pastimes are taking place at our desks. For instance, as the online bingo games at Buzz Bingo show, there is a wide range of bingo rooms that bring together the bingo community and replicate the bingo hall experience in a digital way. These games also feature games inspired by pop culture, such as The Voice Bingo. Part of this experience comes down to the comfortable, immersive aspect of playing the game. Sitting comfortably and being able to enjoy the community, the weekly live streams, and the rooms are made better with a better desk set-up.

As the growth in eSports shows, people are opting to play games professionally. Most professional eSports stars have a good keyboard and mouse, and a gaming chair that is designed to support the back for long periods spent sitting down. But eye strain is a common potential issue among the community.

Arizona State University’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Tyler Vore, admitted to spending up to 50 hours a week gaming, spending between 12 and 16 hours at his desk every day. He claimed that the brightness of the screens was the main ailment he felt, so it’s important to consider night mode, which offers a softer light or enhancing the set-up with a blue light.

An optimal computer set-up can prevent injury in the future. This means you need to make sure you have an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, a monitor positioned at eye level that potentially shields you from too much white light, and a chair that supports your back.