How Casino Gaming Works: The House Edge and RNG

Many times gamblers state that a casino site is either rigged, a fraud, or a total scam; we ask them why they feel that way, and in 99.9% of the cases, it is because they never win. 

When seeking new gambling sites, a couple of things to consider before taking the plunge. Start by looking at online casino ratings via online bookmaker reviews sites without overlooking the site’s RNG credentials and House Edge. Both are detrimental to your online gambling experience, and today we delve into the ins and outs of both to assist you in making a solid choice when choosing an online gambling site. 

What is an RNG, and how does it work at online casino sites?

No worries if you are not good at math; we will try to simplify it. Gambling sites can be promoted as legit when they rely on mathematical formulas and logarithms to generate random results via your games. It assists the games on the gambling sites to give you random results instead of fixed results with more house edge towards the casino site. 

Looking back at the ways we used to gamble, on the dining table of a friend’s house, as we play Texas Hold’Em, the notion of using RNG has always been there. Before, we used to take turns shuffling the cards and ensuring that you did not get the pocket A’s from the previous game. Today, all that is done online, via RNG, with no need to shuffle the cards for a new round physically. 

Applying RNG to online casino games

Most of the time, RNG technologies use algorithms to give you the element of Randomness. For example, the house edge and the RNG of a slot machine work together to grant you the RTP (Return to Player %), meaning the amount the slot machine will award back based on your initial deposit and wager. 

A big part of RNG is called seeding, where every time you hit the spin button at an online slot, the RNG sends several codes to see you land a random number of symbols on your reels. If this does not happen, you will probably see you land the same slot symbols repeatedly, which does not make your game interesting. The integration of seeding within RNG ensures that you get different symbols every time you hit that spin button while your heart is missing a beat. 

What is an online casino House Edge?

Another feature is the house edge at an online casino gambling site. Some players call the house edge the house advantage, but we can all agree that it represents the number of payouts that specific casino games offer and the RTP that the game grants you, as mentioned above.

While you might think that the house edge is something the casino operator is responsible for, you are wrong. All the games available on the casino platform contribute to the overall house edge. So, if you would like to calculate the house edge your chosen casino site offers, you would need to take an average of all the house advantages the games offer and get a rough calculation based on that. 

This casino advantage is the product of the games, so no matter where you choose to invest your dollar if you’re betting on casino games, the fact is you can’t escape the house edge.

Your house advantage knowledge is power

They say that if you know about gambling, you will have the upper hand in winning. Now that you have the essential knowledge to understand house edge, RTP, and RNG, you can make an informed decision on which games to play and land more winnings.

Volatility also plays a significant role in knowing about the games you play. 2 types of volatilities will make up your slot machines, and both contribute widely to how much you take home as follows:

High Volatility Slots – A high volatility slot machine will grant you big wins compared to other slot games; however, they land your way at a slower pace. When a win is secured, the winnings are lucrative and substantial. 

Low Volatility – Low Volatility slot games have a different payout and will see you land wins more frequently but with smaller winning pots. 

When skimming through games at an online casino site, the RTP is listed on the slot game, along with the volatility level that the game enjoys. Use this knowledge and the below game’s house edges to help you make better game choices online. 

House Edges for specific online casino games

House Edge varies from game to game, but the bottom line is this: use the below standard house edges per game to get the best out of your gameplay. 

American Roulette   – 5.26%

Baccarat                  – 1.00 % – 15.75% (depending on the game variant)

Blackjack                 – 0.5 %

Craps                       – 0.01% – 16.67%

Keno                        – 20% – 40%

Slots                         – 2 – 15%

Video Poker             – 0.46%

Texas Hold’Em         – 2.36%

Caribbean Stud       – 5.22%

Choosing the best online casino for you 

Once you digest all the knowledge about your favorite casino games, how about testing your ability to win big? To find the next casino to play at, head over to casino review sites, compare sites and make sure that the gambling site of your choice is legal and regulated. The game choice will always matter, so checking out the games before registration would be an absolute bonus. 

Finally, equip yourself with the gambling knowledge you need, and nurture your game strategy. Ready, steady…let’s go win!

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