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How a bet calculator can improve your online gambling

The online sports gambling industry has improved almost beyond recognition over the last decade. Many of the sports and markets bet on are the same as the previous generation of bettors, but technology and even locations are quite different.

Mobile betting allows gamblers to wager on football, horse racing, tennis, and more on the go. Cash-out means they can call a bet early and land the profits well before the finish. And there’s not much better than the live streaming option that allows bettors to watch sports on their smartphone through an HD quality stream.

One feature of online gambling that is often overlooked but is just as important as those listed above is the betting odds calculator. Not as flashy as the live stream or stylish as the mobile app, but it’s a necessary tool for professional bettors.

Follow the professionals

This article explains how profitable sports bettors rely on the betting calculator to beat the bookies and how you can follow their example. You don’t have to be a high-stakes player gambling thousands on the NFL to make use of the calculator. It’s there to improve the betting experience of all.

Here are the areas covered in this article;

  • What is the bet calculator?
  • How to use the bet calculator
  • Ways the bet calculator can help you beat the bookies

We have enlisted the help of a professional sports betting expert to explain to our readers why the sports betting calculator is a hidden gem of the industry and why you should use it when gambling pre-match and in-play on your favorite sports teams.

What is the bet calculator?

It’s a feature offered by significant betting websites and mobile apps available to all who have a registered account with that bookie. It’s free to use, and you will often find the bet calculator link tucked away at the bottom of the page. That’s one of the problems. It isn’t a money-maker for the company, so it’s below most other tabs, like individual sports, promotions, and specials.

The bet calculator allows you to quickly and accurately calculate how much bets will cost to place and the potential winnings. It can be applied to all manner of wagers, from simple singles to complicated multiple or system bets. (http://rxreviewz.com/) Calculate Lucky 15s, Yankees, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath, permed trebles, and others.

How to use the bet calculator

Using the bet calculator is quick and incredibly simple. All you need is to be logged into your betting account on the bookies’ website or mobile app. You will require the information of what bet type you plan to place, your stake, and the odds of each selection if they are available. If no price is available you can predict the SP.

Next, you should click the bet calculator link and add all the information. If you are betting on Lucky 15, for example, you would add your four selections, input the odds, add the stakes and click calculate. You will be given the total potential payout if each wins or you can change the results to include dead-head, non-runner, or losing bet.

This is a great way to find out what a best case scenario pay-out will be and what you will get back for one winner.

Ways the bet calculator can help you beat the bookies

OK, so it’s a calculator that understands different types of bets, betting rules, and how to calculate payouts. Great, but it’s hardly special, right? Wrong.

Used properly the bet calculator can help you beat the bookies. Suppose you have placed a Lucky 15 on horse racing and have three winners with one still to run. Input all the info into the bet calculator but leave the last result blank. Calculate what the bet pays with odds if the final horse wins then calculate what the bet pays if the final places (each-way) bettors or loses.

Armed with this information you can judge if the cash-out being offered by your bookie is worth it. You can also calculate a bet you could place opposing the final selection to ensure you make a profit regardless of the result of the last race.

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