Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port has Multiple Glaring Issues

Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest among console exclusives getting launched on PC, and the port has several major issues due to oversights. This is not unheard of in ports, from clunky UI’s to sensitivity issues, but this particular port has some far more glaring issues.

A major visual feature has been noticed missing by users on various online forums: the game lacks Snow Deformation effects. In the original game, snow doesn’t appear until the DLC (Frozen Wilds) and was hence an added effect as part of the DLC. It seems that the porting company, a third-party studio, Virtuos, failed to take that into account. This means that PC users who reach the DLC area would find a jarring lack of snow physics as seen below-

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port also has significant performance issues with failing to hit 60 fps on even the higher-end GPU’s and frequent crashes in certain areas. There has also been some speculation on Reddit that the current version of the game still contains debugging code segments which are typically removed for a final release, which could be causing further issues.

Thankfully, Guerrilla Games, the developers, have been pretty open about it and have responded to many users, and have assured the players that they are currently looking into it. The porting studio Virtuos have worked on many other porting projects and this seems to be a jarring oversight for an experienced porting company.

Seeing as Horizon Zero Dawn was heralded as a prime PS4 exclusive with glowing reviews, here’s hoping the issues on the PC port are fixed as soon as possible, as they shouldn’t have existed in this magnitude in the first place. Steam users have shown this disapproval on launch day as the average review currently stands at Mixed 62%.

Horizon Zero Dawn came out as a PS4 exclusive in 2017, followed by the huge expansion DLC of Frozen Wilds. A sequel is in the works for a targeted 2021 launch on the PS5.

The PC port is now available.

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