Hitman 3 Likely Won’t Get Ray-Tracing on the PS5

Recently, it was confirmed by IOI in an interview with Xbox Wire that Hitman 3 will be getting ray-tracing support on both PC as well as the Xbox Series X|S. Till now, there’s been no news on whether the PS5 will get the same treatment or not, but I don’t think it will. Before you bare your fangs and start attacking, kindly hear me out.

For starters, both the Xbox Series X and PC platforms use the DirectX12 renderer or DX12 ultimate to be more precise. This will make it easier to implement the feature on the Series X|S as the PC development for the same has been underway for quite a while.

Secondly, the Xbox has a resolution advantage over the PS5, so adding another resource-intensive effect that has little impact on actual quality is in my opinion a waste. The only ray-traced effects worth using are reflections, refractions, and other related technologies that modify the alpha layer/channel and re-render the nearby environment more accurately. (

Thirdly, unlike other games that support ray-tracing, Hitman 3 is neither AMD nor NVIDIA sponsored. In fact, Intel is the industry partner and it will be looking to make the game run as well as possible on its upcoming Xe-HPG (High-Performance Gaming) graphics cards. Of course, the implementation will likely be API-level using DXR, but I think there will be certain changes, possibly the use of Intel’s own custom suite of ray-tracing technologies (Embree)

Areej Syed

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