High-end Designs for the RTX 3080 from Colorful, Galax, ASUS and Gigabyte Spotted

The heatsink designs of a bunch of AIB partners for the RTX 3080/3090 have surfaced, showing a completely new approach compared to the Turing parts. We have included the images for the Colorful iGame, Galax, ASUS ROG and Gigabyte Aorus graphics cards below:


The Colorful iGame is the most interesting as it features a little LED on the side for displaying the core clocks, temps, VRAM usage, and pretty much anything that you might fancy. The rest of the design is rather simple, featuring two thin RGB strips alongside the fans. Overall, Colorful is offering four designs, three of them being triple fan variants with ample RGB lighting and the last one looks like a radiator-style cooler (with liquid cooling?).

The Galax card shows a grey metallic/alloy build, also with a triple fan and a massive quad-width design. It also has a fancy metallic backplate with the Galax logo engraved on the right. Overall, this looks like a solid design, especially considering that the Galax parts tend to be cheaper than the rest of the AIB models.

Gigabyte Aorus

We also have an image of the Gigabyte Aorus and ASUS ROG cards. As you can see, both feature a ton of RGB lighting with three large fans and 3 eight-pin connectors. Like the Galax varaint, I reckon these are also going to be quad-width cards.


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