Here’s How you can Still Buy an NVIDIA RTX 3080

Although the stocks of NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, the RTX 3080 are out of stocks everywhere, there are still a few ways you can buy them (not that you should). Many SIs (system integrators) and OEMs still have several units of the RTX 3080 in stock. The catch is that you have to buy the entire system to get your hands on one. We wouldn’t recommend doing that if you already have a system with decent hardware. For folks who are building from scratch, however, this isn’t a bad idea:

iBuyPower has four systems that can you equip with an RTX 3080, all starting a bit north of $2,000. Not exactly cheap but not over the top either like most pre-build systems. These systems come with a Ryzen 9 3900X or if you’re looking for an Intel CPU, both the Core i9-10900KF and the Core i7-10700KF are available. The memory varies from 16GB 3200MHz on the cheaper models ($2,000 to $2,100) to 32GB 3200MHz on the more expensive ($2,349) ones. Considering these specs, the price tags don’t look all that bad at all.

Velocity Micro also has three pre-builds you can choose from, namely the Raptor Z55, Z95 and ProMagix HD80. All these can be paired with an RTX 3080, but unfortunately, CPU options are limited. These are actually workstations targeted towards content creators and other professional workloads requiring lots of CPU threads. Therefore, you’ll only be getting the Threadrippers and the Cascade Lake-X chips instead of the Ryzen or Core lineup. As such, these systems will cost you nearly $3,000 when paired with an RTX 3080.

Alienware is also offering its Aurora R11 Gaming desktop for a whopping $5,000 which we wouldn’t recommend under any circumstances. On the CPU side, you get a Core i9-10900K, 128GB of memory and 2x 2TB NVMe based SSDs. While this may sound really mouth-watering, it’s overkill and yes overpriced. You can get a similar configuration for half as much at the other stores listed here.

Cyberpower PC also has as many as eight systems paired with the RTX 3080 that you can buy. These are priced similar to the iPower offerings with prices ranging between $2,000 to $3,000. You get an Intel Core i9 or Ryzen 9 CPU alongside, plus 16-32GB of memory and fancy cases such as the Evolve Enthoo and the Lian Li O11. These cases are largely missing from the other OEM stores.

Finally, you’ve got Falcon Northwest with their Talon, Fragbox and Tiki systems which start roughly around $2.5K. Like the Alienware, these are too excessively expensive, costing around $4,000 when paired with a Core i9 and an RTX 3090. CyberPC and iPower are overall the best options if you’re looking to buy a pre-built PC with an RTX 3080.

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