H2 2020 May be the Best Season Yet for NVIDIA’s Gaming Division: Courtesy of Ampere and COVID-19

Say what you will about Jensen Huang, the NVIDIA CEO doesn’t shy away from making bold claims, regardless of the validity of the statements themselves. He recently proclaimed that Team Green’s GPUs are twice as efficient as the competing Radeon solutions, regardless of the process node powering the chips. While this claim is legit to some extend, the deltas are far less pronounced. Huang had a lot to say about the future of NVIDIA’s gaming division which was overtaken by its Data Center for the first time in history:

We are expecting a really strong second half for gaming. I think this may very well be one of the best gaming seasons ever and the reason for that is because PC gaming has become such a large format. The combination of amazing games like Fortnite and Minecraft, and because of the way people game now, their gaming and their e-sporting, even F1 is an e-sport now, they are hanging out with friends.

There’s never been a giant leap like this. And RTX brought both artificial intelligence as well as ray tracing to PC gaming. And then the third factor is the console launch. The game developers are really gearing up for a big leap. And because of how vibrant the gaming market is right now and how many people around the world are depending on gaming at home, I think it’s going to be the most amazing season ever. We are already seeing amazing numbers from our console partner, Nintendo. The Switch is about to sell more than Super Nintendo, more than all the Famicom, which was one of the best gaming consoles of all time. I mean, they are on their way to make Switch the most successful gaming platform of all time. And so, I am super excited for the

NVIDIA’s next-gen Ampere graphics cards are expected to launch next month with the higher-end models priced in the $1,000 range. The flagship (RTX 3090) may as well cost twice as much, with a starting price of $1,400-1,500. Regardless, there’s no doubting it. Q3 and Q4 are going to be extremely healthy quarters for the entire gaming industry, thanks to the launch of the next-gen consoles and hardware. The WFH lifestyle means that a lot more people will be looking to keep themselves entertained, meaning a significantly higher audience.

NVIDIA CFO, Collete Kress was more careful with her words. She explained that NVIDIA’s gaming revenues are expected to grow 25% sequentially in the third quarter, while the Data Center market will be largely flat with a growth of around 2-3%.


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