Graphics Card Supply to Improve Significantly in March as GPU Prices Return to Normal [Report]

The market prices of graphics cards should see the largest drop this month ever since the cryptocurrency-driven inflation began. Over the past couple of months, GPUs have already become 20-30% cheaper, with budget and entry-level SKUs leading the race. March is expected to see an even steeper drop as board partners ramp up production to meet the all-time high demand. Traditionally, the overall shipments of graphics cards are the highest this time of the year, as students/teachers commence the next academic year. This time around, it’ll be even stronger as most white-collar professionals continue working from homes.

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According to FastTechnology (mydrivers), March will see plenty of supplies from AIBs, resulting in consistent price cuts across the board. There is a chance that miners may dump their hardware onto the second-hand market but that might actually help drive the prices even lower. Regardless, with the next-gen GeForce RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000 GPUs on the horizon, unless it’s an emergency, we’d recommend waiting for greener pastures.

Via: Mydrivers


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