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Graphics Card Prices Are Finally Dropping: Good News for PC Builders?

Due to a variety of different factors, the prices of graphic cards have started falling. In this article, we will give you our opinion on the falling graphic card prices.

Competitive Markets Lead to Better Products

As is usually the case, lower prices generally the whole market more competitive. A similar phenomenon occurred within the online poker industry leading to better companies like https://ggpoker.com coming out on top. In the early days with few competitors in the marketplace, the competition was light and punters weren’t so demanding. Nowadays, with a plethora of competing sports betting and casino platforms, combined with greater consumer awareness and demands, the online betting, gaming, and casino marketplace is FIERCELY competitive.

The long-term effects of this are that innovation in the graphic card market will increase, and we will more than likely have access to technology that would otherwise not have been available. The future’s looking good for PC builders, access to better products at much lower prices. 

Bad News for Scalpers 

The drop in prices and China’s crackdown on crypto farms have led to better availability of graphic cards. Not so long-ago scalpers would buy up any and all graphic cards as soon as they were in stock in order to re-sell them at twice or even thrice the MSRP. This led to people who wanted to actually build a PC not being able to get their hands on the latest GPUs without paying an outrageous price. 

With time, graphic cards are going to be much easier to obtain, which is going to be great for PC builders. To find out more about why graphic cards are going to be much more easily available due to the crackdown on scalpers, take a look at TechRadars article here.

Scalpers and miners have always been a menace, harming much more than just the graphics card market. It was discovered that miners were actually stealing millions of dollars worth of electricity in China, so there is no reason to give them any sympathy. 


Better products and higher availability are just a few of the benefits that are destined to come for PC builders, along with the fact that building a PC will not be such a costly investment as it used to be. 

So, if you have always wanted to build your own PC, you should soon have access to the required components (by soon I mean by the holiday season). With the number of guides and videos available to people now on the internet, as well as the affordable price of graphic cards, everyone should be able to build their own PC once again.