GPU Mining Revenue Drops Again: NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Takes Over 40 Months to Break Even

Graphics card mining is going down the drain, with the Ethermining revenue falling with each subsequent day. Over the past month, Ethereum has lost nearly 40% of its market value, plummeting from nearly $4,000 (per coin) to under $2,500 in less than a month. Pair that with an ever-increasing mining difficulty, and you can see the death of graphics card mining. At the time of writing, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti brings in less than $2 a day at its stock configuration using Nice Hash, one of the most popular mining platforms.

That adds up to just $50 per month (give or take), and $600 per year. Considering that the RTX 3080 Ti is priced at $2,200 on average across Newegg and Amazon, it’ll take a miner a whopping 40 months to earn back the hardware costs and start making actual profits. Considering that Ethereum will move to the new PoS (Proof of Stake) model sooner or later, it’d be safe to assume that you’ll be losing money no matter how you look at it.

Even with alternate coins such as Raven, Cuckatoo, and Octopus, the mining difficulty has been increasing across the board, severely reducing profits. Furthermore, as the Russian and Chinese governments (and possibly even the US government) put restrictions on industrial mining, the value of digital currencies will only depreciate. For gamers, this means that we won’t have to compete with miners for the next wave of graphics card shipments. With NVIDIA’s RTX 40 and AMD’s Radeon RX 7000 series slated to launch in the second half of the year, the supply will only get better from here on out.

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