GPU Mining Farm w/ Over 4,000 GeForce RTX 3070s Caught on Cam as Gamers Struggle to Procure Graphics Cards

As the GPU shortages rage on, miners continue to hoard the latest graphics cards and fill their digital pockets. Ethereum, the primary cryptocurrency mined on modern graphics processing units is trending at an all-time high of over $4,000. This means that cryptomining on GPUs is more profitable than ever, even if the hardware is priced several times higher than the original MSRP. The result is quite evident, and as demonstrated multiple times in the past, the availability of graphics cards is directly proportional to the value of Ether.

One such miner is Jaxon Davidson, your typical American gun-nut with no care for the planet. A veteran miner, Davidson was able to procure over 4,000 GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards to power his four-story Ether/Raven mining farm. He plans on building another farm using NVIDIA’s CMP 170HX mining GPUs by the end of the year.

The CMP 170HX with a hash rate of 164 MH/s is the fastest mining GPU ever created, with crazy returns for miners with deep pockets. Based on the 7nm GA100 die, the 170HX surprisingly doesn’t affect the supply of GeForce products, instead, borrowing from the data center pie. NVIDIA is yet to announce this SKU even though we’ve seen multiple leaks more or less confirming the existence of this monster miner. (


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