Godfall (PC) Gets Ray-Tracing on AMD Big Navi GPUs: No “RTX” for NVIDIA

In a rather unexpected turn of events, we have the first game on PC that supports ray-tracing, but only on AMD Big Navi graphics cards (RX 6800/6800XT). Godfall which was developed in partnership with AMD now supports ray-tracing on PC. However, as already mentioned you need an RX 6800 or 6800 XT to experience the newly added ray-traced shadows.

Godfall is one of the five titles slated to implement ray-tracing on RDNA 2 GPUs, alongside Far Cry 6, Dirt 5, WOW: Shadowlands, and Rift Breaker. Unfortunately, all these games are limited to just ray-traced shadows. Till now, the most appealing ray-traced titles are those that come with ray-traced reflections, most notably Control.

These titles also come with a slew of other AMD-developed graphics implementations such as CAS, Downsampler, FidelityFX AO, et, but they should all work with NVIDIA GPUs as well.

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As far as Godfall is concerned, developers have promised ray-tracing support for NVIDIA GPUs in the coming weeks. This is most likely a step taken to avoid an embarrassing showing in Godfall with ray-tracing turned on. Since the implementation is based on DXR, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on RTX GPUs. I’d call this unfair and outrageous, but I guess that’s just how the industry works these days.



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