God of War to Support AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS on PC

Sony’s megahit exclusive God of War is slated to release on PC early next year to an exciting enthusiast audience. We already know that the game will support NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling technology (likely being a partner title). That’s not all though. Going by AMD’s FSR homepage, it looks like the game will come with FSR support as well.

While FSR is a simple spatial upscaling technique unlike DLSS which uses an advanced neural network (plus temporal vectors), it’s a simple plug and play option for gamers still using older hardware, including iGPUs and low-end mobile GPUs. While the game is unlikely to utilize ray-tracing, the use of PC-specific upscaling techniques is encouraging to say the least. Hopefully, the performance won’t mandate the use of this tech, as the game is fairly old at this point and built for previous-generation hardware.



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