Gigabyte and Yandex to Start Production of Server Processors and Hardware on Russian Soil

Russian IT company Yandex has announced that it will begin the production of servers in the Russian Federation in a joint venture with LANIT group of companies and VTB Bank, as well as Gigabyte, one of the largest computer hardware manufacturers in the world. The agreement was signed within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2021) and allows the creation of a joint venture which will act in different capacities.

The primary objectives include the opening of a development center where engineers will design server components for not only Russia but across the globe. The venture is also planning to build its own production facilities in Russia aimed at the production of server processors and storage drives for data centers, gateways as well components for smart devices and IoT.

Yandex and Gigabyte will provide patents, technologies and their own development of server equipment. Gigabyte specialists will also be engaged in launching and debugging production. Yandex and LANIT will allocate investments for the project, in addition, Lanit will provide distribution and service centers. VTB will act as a financial investor in the joint venture

Quote from Yandex

The new plant will begin the production of server hardware next year. In addition to this, Yandex is also planning to partially transfer the production of its servers from China and Taiwan to Russia. The produced systems will be used by Yandex to power its own data centers, as well as offer them to third-party customers. 

Via: 3DNews


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