Get Xbox Game Pass and Spotify for 6 Months for $1

The lockdown and social distancing haven meant special offers galore for tech and software. Microsoft is now stepping in with an irresistible Xbox Game Pass and Spotify Bundle. The bundle offer gives you one month of Xbox Game Pass for just US$1.

But even better, if you haven’t yet subscribed to Spotify, you get six months of music streaming for free on top. That’s nearly US$75 worth of subscriptions for just a dollar! There are some drawbacks: you will be billed the standard US$15 per month for Xbox Game Pass after the one month expires, and the same goes for your Spotify subscription.

But even then, this is a month of effectively free games and music. Xbox Game Pass has quickly evolved into one of the most convincing game subscription programs: Red Dead Redemption 2 just got on Xbox Game Pass and it’s right up there with Xbox heavy hitters like Gears 5.

Personally, I’d take a pass on Spotify: I use Tidal’s lossless FLAC quality streaming for my Audeze iSine 20 setup. However, if you have mainstream hardware, this is a phenomenal deal.


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