Games that changed the future of entertainment

Video games have long been a form of creativity and can amaze the imagination with intricate stories and a visual component. Technology has been revolutionized from the advent of the first 8-bit consoles to the present day. The dramatic plot, moral choice, and spectacular production are now integral to modern blockbusters. So let’s remember the games that could make our hardware work to the limit.

Legendary 3D Games

Virtual games have always been a material manifestation of technological progress. At the same time, different genres dispose of the current opportunities in entirely different ways. The undisputed leaders in the race for graphic innovation have always been 3D action games. The action movies served as the engine for developing graphics and allowed the developers to convey their ideas as reliably as possible. This format provided many opportunities, but it required detailed work so that what was happening on the monitor screen could be believed.


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Back in 1993, the world first saw a three-dimensional first-person shooter. Doom, created by the efforts of John Carmack and John Romero, appeared in all its glory and amazed the owners of personal computers. The brutal action game from id Software didn’t have a deep storyline but gave you plenty of fun thanks to the 3D perspective. The gloomy world filled with hundreds of monsters staggered the imagination. The choice of weapons, including the legendary chainsaw, can satisfy any fantasy on the battlefield.

In 2004, the third part of the shooter was revealed to the world, turning the idea of ​how video games look on its head. Dynamic lighting, high-resolution textures, 3D shadows processed in real-time, plus surround sound created an intimidating atmosphere. The game could scare not only what was happening on the screen but also the system requirements, which were significantly higher than the average home PC. Of the features, I was surprised by the interactive interface of the in-game consoles and the ability to hold only a flashlight or weapon in my hands.


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The 1998 game was created by a little-known company at the time, Valve. Developing the ideas of an action-adventure game, Half-Life served as the progenitor of many modern hits. To implement such an ambitious project, the rights to use the Quake engine from id Software were acquired, and Sierra Interactive acted as the publisher. Few could have imagined that newbies in the game development field would end up with a project that set the bar for many years in the genre. Half-Life became the game of 1999 and, in addition to graphics, surprised with history.

Submission of the plot due to the environment has become the hallmark of the series. In 2007, the sequel Half-Life 2 was released, the heart of which was the company’s engine, Source. Every effort has been made to incorporate advanced graphics technologies into the game. So, in addition to shader graphics, modern character animation methods and an advanced level of AI were used. Furthermore, interaction with the environment and destruction was calculated thanks to the physical core of Havok (, a cutting-edge solution of the time.


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A fantastic story inspired by the story of the Strugatsky brothers and the tragic events of April 26, 1986, stirred up the gaming community. The first big-budget game sold millions of copies in the former Soviet Union. Dreamed from the Kyiv studio, GSC Game World presented its vision of the post-apocalyptic future. In 2007, Ukraine gave the world the most ambitious RPG shooter in the open world. The Chornobyl nuclear power plant was chosen as the scene of action several years after the accident.

The game offered state-of-the-art DirectX 9c-based graphics, fully dynamic real-time lighting, and shadows. A seamless game world was planned, but this idea had to be abandoned for technical reasons. The plot was presented through videos and recordings and thanks to the so-called world storytelling. Critics praised the gloomy atmosphere and the project’s technical execution, and among the players, Shadows of Chornobyl became a legend. The system requirements are assumed to use the most modern Core 2 Duo processor.

Key features:

  • A living world that develops regardless of the actions of the player
  • Freedom of movement in a huge exclusion zone of 30 sq. km.
  • Photorealistic graphics
  • Ballistics, specially designed bullet physics

Criticism of the game

Edition titleRating
PC Gamer Must Buy93%
Games Radar9/10
IGN – Is a true classic8.9

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