Galax Releases Fabulous Pink NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super Model with Twin Fans

Galax just released a very bright pink dual-fan variant of the NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics card. The card’s color scheme is very bright. However, the internals don’t differ that much from a number of midrange RTX 2070 Super variants.

We’re looking at a model that, barring the color scheme, looks very similar to Galax’s own RTX 2070 Super EX OC models. In terms of specs, we’re looking at an 1815 MHz base clock, which is also par for the course for Galax 2070 SUPER models, along with 14 Gbps memory. (

You get an HDMI port and 3 Displayport connections for output. We have no idea right now about availability outside of Japan. From the look of things, though, this looks like a fairly limited run part. If you are interested in it, keep in mind that it’s not substantially different from Galax’s regular RTX 2070 Super offerings.


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