Gainward: Our RTX 4090 12VHPWR Connectors Have Been Tested by NVIDIA and Work Perfectly

NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 has gotten more publicity because of the power connector failures than real-world performance figures. The most logical course of action will be to supply existing owners with replacements based on an improved design. Board partners may have to withhold shipments till more information surfaces. From the looks of it, though, that won’t be happening. (Modafinil UK) One of NVIDIA’s Asian AIB partners, Gainward, has stated that it won’t delay its RTX 4090 shipments to replace the bundled 12VHPWR connector.

⚠️Clarification⚠️There is incorrect information suggesting Gainward is delaying the RTX 4090 shipment to replace the cables lately. Here we would like to clarify that- Gainward is not holding any RTX 40 shipment to replace the cables, and has no plan to do so.

The cables Gainward currently used on the RTX 40 have been inspected by NVIDIA team and found no issues. All Gainward shipment is being made as usual. Please don’t hesitate to grab the Gainward graphics cards if you plan to buy one!


According to Gainward, NVIDIA has inspected the power connectors packaged with its RTX 4090 graphics cards and found no issues. As a result, shipments will commence as planned. Considering that NVIDIA has yet to issue a formal statement on the matter, I reckon AIBs will have to provide replacements post-sale to avoid losses. However, a recent report from JohnnyGuru claims that loose connections may be to blame for the melting cables, so there may not be any repercussions at all.


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