Gaijin to Support 4K 60 FPS Across all its Xbox Series X Titles w/ Ray-Tracing; 1440p on the Series S

Russian developer Gaijin, known for its MMOs, most notably War Thunder and Crossout has stated that all its titles will run at 4K 60 FPS on the Xbox Series X and 1440p 60 FPS on the Series S, with support for ray-tracing and variable rate shading already available.

Speaking to WCCFT in an interview, the company CEO, Anton Yudintsev said that they will be supporting a variety of DX12 Ultimate features on the next-gen Xbox consoles, including DXR, VRS, mesh shading, and sampler feedback.

The present version of the game comes with their own custom implementation of Global Illumination (indirect lighting), sound occluding, with ambient occlusion using a ray-traced algorithm:

The game is already utilizing the SSD for faster load times, VRS for better performance, and a patch for mesh shading and sampler feedback is on the way. The studio is also exploring the use of DirectML for AI-based upscaling (potentially to as much as 8K) and Project Acoustics for better audio immersion, but these will likely come next year.

The PC version of the Enlisted (currently in beta) supports ray-tracing via NVIDIA’s RTX GPUs along with DLSS 2.0, but features like mesh shading and sampler feedback are still missing and will introduced at a later date.


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