Four AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Partner Models to Come with Fast BIOSes, Rest Will be ~5% Slower

AMD’s Radeon RX 5600 XT is all set for launch tonight, with about two dozen board partner models prepped and raring to go. These include GPUs from PowerColor, ASUS, Sapphire, Gigabyte, ASRock, XFX and MSI. We’ve checked with AMD and it appears that four out of these 18 models will support the faster vBIOS out of the box. These are:

ModelHeatsinkGame/Boost ClocksMemory Speed (Effective)Power Connectors
POWERCOLOR Red Devil2-fan1660 / 1750 MHz14 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin
SAPPHIRE PULSE2-fan1615 / 1750 MHz14 Gbps8-pin
XFX THICC III PRO3-fan1615 / 1750 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin
XFX THICC III Ultra3-fan1660 / 1750 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin

There are other AIC cards that will get a performance boost of sorts but they’ll mostly sit in the 1600MHz range, and as such, these five models will be the highest performing ones. Gigabyte’s Windforce is set to get a BIOS update increasing the memory clock from 12Gbps to 14, but the core clocks will be limited to 1620MHz (boost). The complete list of board partner Radeon RX 5600 XTs is as follows:

ModelHeatsinkBoost ClocksMemory SpeedPower Connectors
ASRock PG D2 OC2-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
ASRock PG D3 OC3-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
ASRock CLD D OC2-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
ASUS ROG STRIX OC3-fan1640 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin
ASUS TUFX3 OC3-fan1640 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
GIGABYTE GAMING OC3-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
GIGABYTE WF OC2-fan1620MHz14 Gbps8-pin
MSI GAMING X2-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 8-pin
MSI GAMING2-fan1600 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 8-pin
MSI MECH OC2-fan1600 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
MSI MECH2-fan1560 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
POWERCOLOR Red Dragon2-fan1620 MHz14 Gbps8-pin
POWERCOLOR Red Devil2-fan1750 MHz14 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin
POWERCOLOR OC2-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
SAPPHIRE PULSE2-fan1750 MHz14 Gbps8-pin
XFX THICC II PRO2-fan1620 MHz12 Gbps8-pin
XFX THICC III PRO3-fan1750 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin
XFX THICC III Ultra3-fan1750 MHz12 Gbps8-pin + 6-pin

XFX seems to have boost almost the entire lineup with faster core clocks and an increase in memory speed to 14Gbps. The rest of the OEMs have mainly just increased the boost clock to 16xxMHz.

From what we’ve heard, the Sapphire Pulse and the Thicc III models will retail for $10 more at $289 while the rest of the board parter cards will cost $279. The “OC” models will probably cost more.

Furthermore, AMD has confirmed that the Radeon RX 5600 XT won’t replace the RX 5700, regardless of how close the two cards may perform. As per the PR team, the higher VRAM size on the 5700 will ensure a better experience at 1440p while the 5600 XT is ideal for 1080p ultra.

Our review is set to go live very soon. Stay Tuned!


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