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Five Reasons Why You Should Already Have A Multi-Network Roaming Sim

If you need remote connectivity (who doesn’t these days?), then a SIM card is the way to go. A multi-network roaming SIM is a type of M2M or machine-to-machine connection. If used properly, they bring many advantages and, most importantly, get rid of many of the frustrations of using standard SIMs. 

1. Stay Connected As You Move

When you choose a global sim M2M, it means you can share data between devices. Crucially, you can access data in more than one hundred countries with access to over 700 networks. As you move around in Europe, outside the EU, and further afield, you can maintain a connection that keeps you and your application online. 

If one network has a weak signal, you’ll move across to another seamlessly so that you can continue to stay online.

2. Make the Most of Flexible Solutions

If your business involves IoT, known as the Internet of Things, then an M2M roaming option with access to multiple networks makes sense. Any devices or vehicles that require connectivity will benefit from the solution, including telematics, GPS tracking, and fleet management. It’s easy to apply to many business types as it provides the reliability that regular SIMs don’t.

3. Optimal Signal and Reliability

There are two types of multi-network roaming SIMs: Steered and non-steered. The importance of using a non-steered card is that you’re not only benefitting from the ability to roam. You also aren’t tied to one network. Instead of prioritising the main one, a non-steered card will always choose the best option for a strong signal. That way, you can keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

4. Keep Working On the Move

Connected devices like 5G drones, scooters, and other mobile IoT objects can be operational in many locations, in fact across many countries, at once. You’ll need a reliable solution that allows for two-way connectivity. If you need data, like the object’s location or other performance indicators, a multi-network solution can help, even if you and your devices are in motion.

5. Stay in Control

One of the most significant advantages of global M2M SIMs is the control you have through the management platform. It means you can view essential information, such as data usage, and you’ll have the ability to activate and deactivate as required.


Not only are multi-network roaming SIMs a cost-effective solution, but they also come with many other advantages for your business. You can take advantage of stable networks across several countries, giving your control and the ability to keep working.

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