Five reasons to use items in Dota2

Dota2 is one of the most successful eSports projects in history. The game, released in 2013, has attracted the attention of users from all over the world. The presented project is relevant for a long time because it is completely free. Also, the game does not require high performance from the personal computer on which it is running. Consequently, we can say that it is available to absolutely every user.

Looking at the above-mentioned advantages, there may be a fair question, concerning the way Dota2 brings profit to its developers. The answer is quite simple: in-game items that can be purchased by anyone. We can say that the cult multiplayer strategy went the way of another popular eSports project, namely CS:GO. Cosmetic items do not affect the gameplay. The hero chosen by the gamer does not become more effective on the battlefield if you spend a significant amount of it on the armor. In the case where the purchase is a bored player can sell Dota 2 items through the trading platform Steam, or resources specifically designed for trading. If you wonder why the in-game items in the presented game are so popular, you can find at least five reasons, namely:

  1. Every fan of this game has a list of characters that he most often plans to choose before starting the map. Based on this, the user has a desire to improve the visual appearance of the “favorite”. With the help of cosmetic items, you can do this at any time.
  2. The user motivates himself to devote more time to his favorite eSports discipline. This makes sense because if a gamer has spent his savings on Dota2 skins, he is unlikely to immediately delete the strategy and won’t launch it again. What’s the logic behind such a purchase?
  3. The player gets additional interest from team members and opponents. The people around him understand at once that the user is not a casual participant in the game process and is ready to do a lot for the sake of victory and additional rating. To date, the target audience of this game very often gives preference to financial investments in items than to the individual skill of the gamer.
  4. Bought, or received skins, can always be sold, thereby obtaining money. Many users spend as much time trading as the game itself.yIf you have the necessary skills, you can get a good sum of money by selling skins in Dota2.
  5. If a person has purchased a large number of items in a given project, the gameplay will bring only pleasure. The user will understand how much effort has been spent to achieve real success. As practice shows, many players are not willing to sell skins, even if they are no longer relevant, just because a huge number of maps with the direct participation of previously purchased items. (thenines.com)

Many experienced users argue that the system of in-game items in Dota2 is not as well developed as skins in CS:GO. Despite this, the vast majority of players continue to use them. After all, it’s hard to compare the two most popular eSports disciplines, as each of them has its unique characteristics when it comes to the system of items. At the same time, the ultimate goal of the developers was identical – to make the gameplay more diverse and colorful.

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