Fancy S Pro – How to use a webcam for live streaming

In the digital age, live streaming has become an integral part of our online presence. The live-streaming industry is estimated at $70 billion. By 2027, the target audience is anticipated to generate more than $247 billion in revenue.

Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a professional conducting virtual meetings, having a high-quality webcam is essential to ensure that your audience gets a clear and engaging view of you. 

One such budget-friendly option that delivers exceptional performance is the CZUR Fancy S Pro webcam. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using a webcam for live streaming

How to Choose the Webcam

When selecting the best budget webcam, it is essential to weigh several factors to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements. 

Here are the key considerations:

  • Resolution:
    Opt for a webcam with a minimum of 720p for satisfactory clarity. For enhanced detail, consider 1080p or higher resolutions.
  • Frame Rate:
    A higher frame rate results in smoother motion. For standard video conferencing, 30 frames per second (fps) suffices. However, for activities like gaming or streaming, aim for 60 fps or higher.
  • Low Light Performance:
    Verify that the webcam operates effectively in low-light settings. Features such as advanced sensors or integrated lighting can enhance image quality in dim environments.
  • Autofocus and Zoom:
    These features contribute to overall video quality. Autofocus ensures sharp imagery even with movement, and zoom capabilities are useful for various scenarios.
  • Compatibility:
    Confirm that the webcam is compatible with your computer’s operating system (e.g., Windows, macOS) and any specific software you intend to use.

Benefits of Employing the CZUR Fancy S Pro for Live Streaming

Before buying a webcam, it is essential to consider the value you can drive from that product. One way of doing that is to consider the benefits. 

The Fancy S Pro offers benefits for live streaming:

  • Versatility:
    As a 2-in-1 document camera and webcam, it can be used for a wide range of applications, from video conferencing to document presentation.
  • Ease of Use:
    The physical head buttons on the Fancy S Pro make it easy to control the device without having to navigate through software settings.
  • Flexibility:
    With a 180° mirror rotation button and a flexible multi-jointed arm, you can easily adjust the camera angle to suit your needs.
  • High Resolution:
    The 4K resolution ensures that your video stream is clear and detailed.
  • Auto Focus:
    This feature ensures that you remain in focus, even if you move around during your live stream.
  • Lighting:
    The 3-level fill light can help improve video quality in low-light conditions.
  • Software Functions:
    The CZUR Fancy S Pro software offers a variety of functions that can enhance your live streaming experience.

How to Set up the CZUR Fancy S Pro Webcam for Live Streaming

Now, it is time to set up the CZUR Fancy S Pro Webcam for live streaming. It involves a few simple steps:

Step 1: Connecting the CZUR Fancy S Pro to your Computer

The device comes with a USB data cable attached to it. Connect this cable to your computer’s USB port.

After that, for live streaming, you can choose different platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. 

Step 2: Plug and Play Setup

The CZUR Fancy S Pro supports plug-and-play, which means your computer should automatically recognize it once connected. 

While the CZUR Fancy S Pro does have a built-in microphone, using an external microphone can greatly improve audio quality. 

Step 3: Installing the CZUR Fancy S Pro Software

You can download the CZUR Visualizer software from the official CZUR website. The software is compatible with Windows as well as MacOS. 

Step 4: Accessing Advanced Features

Once the software is installed, you can access various advanced features. These include auto-scan, high-resolution output, picture-in-picture, real-time picture annotation, add watermark, and frozen image.

To improve image quality during live streaming in various lighting conditions, CZUR Fancy S Pro has a 3-level fill light that can be adjusted. The lighting can be adjusted using the buttons on the device itself.

Test for live-streaming

Live streaming is an essential feature for webcams. Here are the steps to prepare for live streaming with the CZUR Fancy S Pro:

Step 1: Test Stream and Ensure Stability

Prior to going live, test streams to check the internet, audio, and video. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s interface. Test the CZUR Fancy S Pro features like fill light and autofocus.

Step 2: Final Preparations

Set up your streaming space, check lighting, and ensure the microphone works. Adjust CZUR Fancy S Pro settings for optimal video quality.

Finally, start the live streaming once all the preparations are done.


In summary, the CZUR Fancy S Pro webcam offers a wealth of features and benefits for your live streaming needs. With its versatility, high resolution, and user-friendly software, it’s a fantastic choice to elevate your streaming experience. 

 It’s affordable, with the 12MP version priced at just $119. Use code “FS” for an extra 10% off to make it an even better deal. 

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