F1 2021 to Get Ray Tracing and DLSS, Boosts Performance by 65% at 4K

Codemaster’s long-running F1 racing game series received a new edition today in the form of F1 2021. The game kicks up the visuals with ray-traced shadows and reflections and boosts performance by up to 65% with NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling technology. This should allow most RTX GPUs to run the game at 1440p 60 FPS or even 4K 60 FPS at the highest quality preset.

You’ll need the RTX 3080, 3070, or 3060 Ti for a comfortable 4K 60 FPS experience, but even the lower-end RTX 3060 and 2060 should be easily able to run the game at 1440p 60 FPS. It’ll be interesting to see whether the game gets AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, prompting a comparison of the two upscaling techniques. Heres’s a side-by-side comparison:


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