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Exclusive Insider Tips from Casino Winners: What You Need to Do

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The way casinos have mastered the art of sucking up money from us is indeed ingenious and deserves to be studied. Casinos leverage the human desire to have more money to separate us from our money without any force. 

While there are few testimonies of those who have made it big in casinos, the sad stories of their failed counterparts who aspired to learn the art and tricks of breaking beyond odds linger on. 

To bring you the secrets that some big casino winners have mastered, we spoke to experts and winners, and we have come up with some exclusive insider tips that will allow you to walk out of a casino with a small fortune.

Understanding the Financial Masterplans of Casinos

Even experts understand that casinos are not just created to collect money from you but are also designed to ensure their money never leaves. Your goal isn’t just to master the games but also to learn to manipulate the system in your favor.

Every aspect of a casino’s aesthetics, technology, and ambiance is purposefully placed. The airtight security and the cameras are to identify cheats, thieves, and card readers, all to maximize their profits. The fundamental tip is knowing the secrets of the casino of your choice, and every other tip below will make sense.

Tip #1: Don’t Play Your Favorite Game

Never go into the casino to play your favorite game. Instead, go into a casino to play the best game with the best odds. If the best game with the best odds happens to be your favorite game, then that is to your advantage.

There are always better people at playing your favorite game than you can be, but there is always a game that makes everyone happy. Some games are just structured to be a total rip-off. It is already common knowledge that all games in a casino have odds tilted in the house’s favor. Carnival games like Blackjack, Caribbean Studs, Craps, and Baccarat have high house edges.

Although they come with an enticing payout, as some casinos can offer up to 250:1, you will eventually lose more than you will ever win. Instead of playing games that entirely depend on luck and good fortune, consider games with strategy, as this will help reduce the house edge and put you in a better winning position.

Tip #2: Never Go Over Your Budget

This tip rests on the fundamental rule of never going to a casino without a budget. Remember, everything in a casino is deliberately created to keep you in the casino spending more money. There are no windows and no clocks, and you will probably have access to lounges and entertainment. However, don’t be fooled by a $30 free drink voucher to spend and lose $200.

Part of the advantage of not spending above your budget is that it helps minimize losses. The winners of casino games understand the trick of time. The longer you stay in any casino, the higher the house edge may get and the more the casino tries to rip you off. If your budget accumulates a small fortune for you, keep it and leave. Do not fall into the mind trap of securing a “big win”. It is mostly a farce.

Tip #3: Never Take Your Eyes Off the Price

It is never odd to see dealers perform so many rituals, especially when playing table games. All of these tricks are intentional. Sometimes, you’ll find fancy-looking girls in bikinis serving drinks or dealing cards. These are psychological tricks to distract your mind and increase the house’s edge.

Let the distraction begin and start counting your losses. The big winners in any casino have mastered the art of focus. Focusing reveals other things, too, such as a stealing dealer or a cheat at the table.

Tip #4: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Have you ever noticed how many people are playing slots and craps at casinos? These two games are examples of popular casino games with the brightest lights and dazzling pop-ups in most casinos, yet with terrible odds. It is always best to stay away from the light and embrace corner games with dimmer lights.

Casinos are home to a couple of free things, such as drinks and lousy companies. These things may glitter, but they are not gold. Casinos have their own way of predicting your losses, and they set aside a token in your player reinvestment funds.

A portion of the funds are made available to you in the form of free drinks. Therefore, the more you lose, the more likely you will get free drinks. Instead of seeing this as a means of elongating your stay, see it as a prompter that you need to change your strategy, game, or go home.

Tip #Five: Play Free Games First

This tip is most useful for learners or intermediate players of any casino game. Don’t go big on playing games you know nothing about or are averagely good at. Many online casinos offer a free version of the games you may want to try out in a real casino.

According to Tristan Moore, writer at Betspin, before you play with real money, put the bonuses casinos offer to good use and learn the tricks of the game using free version. Learn a trick or two first, and also master time management. Playing a free version of casino games will not make you an expert overnight. However, you may build confidence and strategy over time, which may help you win a small fortune the next time you visit a casino.


Tips on Winning at the Casino | https://www.biggietips.com

Casinos push the narrative that to win big, you have to risk all, but the biggest winners of casino games are those who are smart about the kind of risks they take. As a rule of thumb, never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose, never spend above your budget at any casino, and know when you need to go home. Practice these tips, and the fortune and luck of those who have applied them before you will be with you.

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