EVGA Teases RTX 3090 Running at 2.1GHz, Zotac RTX 3080 Shown at 1933MHz

EVGA has teased one of its variants of the RTX 3090 running at an insane 2,105 MHz or 2.1GHz, using the EVGA Precision X1 overclocking utility. The advertised boost clock of the FE model is 1.71GHz, but GPU boost 3.0 allows for notably higher in-game clocks, most likely 1.8-1.85GHz in this case. However, the 2.1GHz figure teased by EVGA is absolutely bonkers.


Keep in mind that just because the GPU is clocked at 2.1GHz doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s stable at this frequency or that it’s intended to run as such. EVGA has announced four models for each of the Ampere GPUs, namely the Kingpin flagship, the water-cooled Hybrid and Hydro-copper and the air-cooled FTW3 and XC3.


Meanwhile, Zotac also showed off its RTX 3080 running at a more reasonable 1933MHz. This should be doable on most factory-overclocked cards as the stock in-game boost should already be somewhere around 1800MHz.


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