Do New Online Casinos Have Hardware Requirements?

Many video game players know better than to install games on their PCs before they check the hardware requirements. Some games won’t run unless you install them on a PC powerful enough to run them.

Some games may run, albeit on low resolutions and at the risk of crashing often. Do new online casinos have the same issues? Luckily, many casinos have no technical requirements. All the same, below are some of the PC specs you need for an excellent gaming experience.

Duo Core Processor

When it comes to processing data, the PC with the most processor cores tend to win. This isn’t always the case: There are more factors involved in a computer’s speed. But generally speaking, any PC with a duo processor core can handle nearly all online casino games.

If you’re a person who multi-tasks on your PC, then you need a quad core processor. A quad core processor has more power to run powerful games and graphics. That’s because it has two more cores than the duo core processor. However, if you’re all about conserving energy, then a duo-core computer will serve you accordingly.

Should you choose a Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 for playing casino games? As we mentioned earlier, any PC with a duo core processor or better can help you play video slots and card games. As such, choose a Core i5 or Core i7 only you need it to process complex programs besides online casino games.


Random Access Memory (RAM) provides your computer short-term space to sort data for easy access. This translates to a fast work-rate, whether you’re editing YouTube Videos, running coding software or playing scratch cards.

RAM size tends to correlate with speed. If you have a PC or smartphone with spacious RAM, it will be faster than a device with a smaller RAM space. That being said, you need a PC with a RAM of 2GB or better to run most casino games.

In the usual style, more RAM is better. That’s particularly true when you want to play graphically superior games at a casino like PiratePlay.com. You need the extra RAM to run 3D slots and live casino games.

Storage Space

Also known as ROM, your computer’s storage space determines the number of files you can store in the long-term. In regards to casino gaming, storage space isn’t something you need to worry about. The explanation is simple.

Many online casinos are programmed to run entirely on the web. You don’t need to install Adobe Flash—like in the old days. What’s more, you don’t need to download software to play games.

All you need is a free account. Then you need to fund it using a credit card, crypto or e-wallet to play slots or poker for real cash. Owing to that backdrop, don’t purchase a casino gaming laptop because it has a generous storage space.

However, you might need a lot of space if you also play video games. Some titles take up in excess of 50GB in space. As a result, you need a PC with 250SSD or 1TB storage space to accommodate multiple games.

Screen Size and Resolution

In this era of mobile gaming, screen size matters less. You could have an android device with a 4-inch screen. And you could play slots as efficiently as someone with a 28-inch gaming monitor.

Screen resolution is an entirely different matter, though. Every gamer yearns to play games via high-quality resolutions. It doesn’t matter whether they play through mobile devices or PCs.

As such, choose a device with the highest resolution you can afford. Many casino games support 720p and 1080p resolutions. In some cases, you can also find games that support 4K resolutions—but these are rarely to find.

A Sound Card

Sound quality is important regardless of the game you plan to play. You need a PC that can play soundtracks, jingles and in-game songs clearly. Many new generation PCs have high-quality, in-built sound cards.

These sound systems are good enough to play casino games’ music tracks. But if you don’t like the quality of sound produced by your device, though, consider installing a more improved soundtrack. Also, consider updating your PC’s drivers.

Sometimes it might not be a hardware issue. Far too many video slots have subpar soundtracks. They might excel in graphics and gameplay. But the music could be repetitive and low in quality. In that case, you need to compare games for sound quality before cast blame on your PC.

Graphics Card

Video game fans are always looking for great graphics cards to add to their gaming rigs. As a casino player, you don’t need really need to pay a lot of attention to the graphics card. This is especially true if you have a modern laptop.

Many new laptops have decent internal graphics cards. All you need is to check the specific graphics card in your PC. If it’s a great quality card from Intel, Radeon or Nvidia, it can handle nearly all casino games online.

The only exception is with VR games. VR slots need powerful graphics cards, CPU processors, more RAM and better resolutions. If your goal is to play VR slots or VR blackjack, then plan for a powerful graphics card.

Keyboard, Mouse and Web Camera

While you don’t need the latest NVIDIA graphics card, you need a good quality keyboard and mouse. You need a keyboard to access casino sites, fund your account and play most casino games.

An external mouse comes in handy when you want to play slots without leaning too close your PC’s screen. On the other hand, the job of a web camera is to help you connect to live casinos. Of course, you need a clear camera for the best experience.

Needless to say, you need a laptop with Internet connectivity to gamble online. You can use Wi-Fi, wire connections or mobile data. It doesn’t matter. If it’s quick, it will lead to a delightful experience.

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