DLSS 3 Mod Doubles Performance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Popular modder PureDark is working on a DLSS 3 implementation (via Streamline) for Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Courtesy of Denovo anti-tamper technology, FSR 2 can’t be replaced with the DLSS 2 .dll. However, DLSS 3 can be applied on top of FSR 2, nearly doubling the performance. In the below shot, you can see that the in-game frame rate gets bumped up to 90 FPS, all the way from 46 FPS at native.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect implementation, and there are artifacts here and there. More specifically, Cal’s lightsaber is plagued by some serious ghosting. This is due to the lack of data provided to the upscaler (vis-à-vis: motion flow) as well as camera position and matrices. The author states that he may release the mod at some point but doesn’t plan on fine-tuning it.


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