DLSS 2 Mod for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Makes FSR 2 Look Bad

The first DLSS 2.0 mod for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has been successfully tested. Popular modder “PureDark” has shared a comparison of the in-game FSR 2 and his external implementation of DLSS 2. Here’s a comparison of the two. Try to guess which one is which:

The first one is DLSS 2.0 and the second one is using FSR 2.0. A still image isn’t of much help here, but you can still see that the former retains the details of the far-off objects more accurately. In motion, DLSS looks cleaner with less ghosting and no artifacts.

The fact that an externally applied version of DLSS 2 looks better than an official implementation of FSR 2 is telling. We saw something similar in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. FSR 2 causes substantial blurring of the textures. This isn’t to imply that FSR 2 is inherently a bad upscaler. There are many examples where it nearly as good as DLSS 2.

The DLSS 2 mod will only work on NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX series graphics cards, and performance should be identical to FSR 2. PureDark has implemented the former on top of the latter using the same inputs via NVIDIA Streamline.

The author has also made a DLSS 3 mod for Jedi Survivor which doubles the performance on GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs. However, you need to be Patreon subscriber to be able to download the mod.

Via: DSOG.

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