Discovering Destiny: Character Progression and Classes

Are you unsure about which specialization you want to take in Destiny 2? In this guide, we will show you all you need to know about the different character subclasses. Read on to learn how to progress through the game.

The Three Core Classes

When you start the game, you only get to pick from three classes. These classes are the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Each one features unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

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As you play more and level up, you specialize and get a subclass. Each subclass has a super ability and unique grenade abilities. Researching early on will help you decide which subclass you want.  If you’ve got a hard time getting the subclass you want, consider Destiny 2 Boosting services.

In Destiny 2, you get to upgrade to a subclass three times. The first subclass is available to you at the start of the campaign. Depending on your main class, you could subclass into an Arcstrider, Sentinel, or Dawnblade. If you want to unlock the following subclasses, you must do missions and look for a subclass relic.

Warlock and Warlock Subclasses

The Warlock is a great starter class for new Destiny 2 players. It is easier to pick up and has a few support responsibilities in the game. You will have a high enemy clear rate and excellent crowd control abilities, and super abilities. Warlocks offer utility and group stability, which are perfect for the most popular mode, PVE.


The Dawnblade’s super ability, Daybreak, is great for wiping out large enemy crowds. When you’re in boss fights, hold onto them until the stage where enemy swarms appear and gather around your group. Your Solar and Firebolt Grenades are also great for crowd control. You also have a decent number of healing and a few buffing abilities to keep the group in tip-top shape.


The Stormcaller’s supper is the Stormtrance, which chains enemies with lightning that intensifies over time. Like the Dawnblade, your Grenades and Attunement abilities are also perfect for crowd control. Depending on the Attunement, you gain a variety of abilities, like:

  • Teleporting during Stormtrance
  • Granting energy to your abilities
  • Creating a shockwave


Nova Bomb is the Voidwalker’s super ability, and it is one of the best supers for crowd control. The same goes with your grenades. The various Attunements can increase your damage output, heal you, or be more flexible with your Void abilities.


Winter’s Wrath summons a Stasis staff from which you can freeze targets and shatter them. You also get a unique melee ability, the Penumbral Blast. The Grenades you throw follow the same theme of freezing and slowing enemies and blocking out damage.

Hunter and Hunter Subclasses

Hunters have the highest skill ceiling. They’re more challenging to master with their triple jumps and their squishier builds. Yet, they’ve got excellent mobility, which is perfect for slipping out of dangerous situations.


Your Golden Gun summons a flaming pistol that uses Solar Light to disintegrate enemies. The Grenades of this subclass specializes in dealing damage, like the Incendiary Grenade and Swarm Grenade. The subclasses for Hunter Gunslinger are the:

  • Way of the Sharpshooter
  • Way of the Outlaw
  • Way of a Thousand Cuts


Your Super gives you a staff made of pure Arc energy and lets you take out foes with a flourish. Your Grenades can seek enemies or chain lighting to nearby foes. The different subclasses of the Hunter Arcstrider are:

  • Way of the Warrior
  • Way of the Wind
  • Way of the Current


Shadowshot allows you to tether foes to a Void Anchor, which slows and weakens them. You have damage-focused Grenades. The subclasses for the Hunter Nightstalker are:

  • Way of the Trapper
  • Way of the Pathfinder
  • Way of the Wraith


Silence and Quall summons two Stasis kamas that you can throw at enemies. Silence freezes and damages targets, while Squall slows and damages them. Your melee, Withering Blade, gives you several Stasis Shurikens that you can throw to damage and slow targets.

Titan and Titan Subclasses

As the toughest of all the classes, Titans are great at being aggressive and taking damage. You’re the shield of the group, offering protection while your allies focus on dealing heavier damage. Because of this, you’ve got more shields and movement types.


Fists of Havoc supercharge your fists, which you then slam to the ground to create damage. Your lighting-themed Grenades can damage and disorient foes. The different Titan Striker subclasses are:

  • Code of the Earthshaker
  • Code of theJuggernaut
  • Code of the Missile


Sentinel Shield creates a shield of Void Light, from behind which you can attack, guard, or perform a shield throw. Your Grenades can suppress and damage foes. The subclasses include the:

  • Code of the Protector
  • Code of the Aggressor
  • Code of the Commander


Hammer of Sol brings you a flaming hammer to destroy foes with. Your grenades can cause burning and explosions. Subclasses for the Titan Sunbreaker include:

  • Code of the Fire-Forged
  • Code of the Siegebreaker
  • Code of the Devastator


Your Glacial Quake summons a Stasis gauntlet. You can use it to create a shockwave to freeze targets. You can then sprint through frozen targets to shatter them. Shiver Strike, your melee, lets you leap through the air and then dash to knock targets back. It slows and damages targets.

The flexibility that these subclasses allow is what keeps Destiny 2 a popular game. It’s why over 31 million people play the game and now you’ll be a part of them too.