Disabling Hyper-Threading Boosts Intel CPU Performance in Starfield by 10%

Starfield has had a troubled launch. From poor GPU performance on NVIDIA hardware to rendering bugs, it’s looking more and more like a Bethesda release. In an earlier post, we reported that despite being an AMD partner title, Starfield runs better on Intel CPUs, especially the 12th and 13th Gen chips. Well, it turns out that you can further improve the performance of this game on Intel CPUs by disabling hyper-threading.

Tests conducted by @CapFrameX indicate that the Core i9-12900K is at least 10% faster with hyper-threading disabled. The chip was further overclocked by 200MHz, with tighter timings and an overclocked ringbus, which further improved the frame rates by 10%, bringing in within 20 FPS of the Core i9-13900K.

Previously, with hyper-threading enabled, the Core i9-13900K was as much as 40% faster than its predecessor despite featuring the same number of P-cores and a slightly higher boost clock. We have covered hyper-threading and its successor thoroughly in previous posts. You can go through it below:


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